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  1. Greetings! Several days ago we installed a new vision 230 pls. Earlier we have the same pls but unfortunately because some technical issue we need to install a new one. So finally we install it, load a old program from previous pls and unfortunately we have some problems. Our pls read the data from electrical and water meters and then send it to e-mail at end of the month. Since we installed a new pls some of the data are missing for example: Flat Cold Hot 01 115.258 0.000 02 59.079 49.297 03 235.354 0.000 04 0.000 0.000 05 153.646 90.032 Tthis zero is not correct data reading. A
  2. Please help newbie! My objective: to make the remote reading of water meters and electricity to a building using vision 230. I wrote a small program to play with the meter and understand how everything works. But suddenly confronted with problem! The reading data from meter are not displayed. And I can not understand where i made a mistake. Maybe there is a similar project example or someone can check my programm. My meter telegramm: 68|29|29|68|08|00|72|64|78|13|04|01|6A|01|02|00|00|00|00|86|10 83|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|86|20|83 00|80|67|D8|08|00|00|02|FF|92|00|1E|00|C8|16 Primary
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