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  1. I probably found my answer. It was due to SI103-106 operands. I had them set to 50 causing to disconnect after 5 secs.
  2. Thanks for answers. I've made a cable according to MJ10-22-CS76 pinouts and it works now.
  3. I have a signle PLC over Ethernet configured in UniOPC. Why if I set Update Rate to value higher than 3 sec, (00:00:03:00) after couple of seconds values in UniOPC freezes and stop changing?
  4. When I connect TC35i modem to PC via USB-to-RS232 converter everything works greate. Doing "Prepare PLC-side modem" in Modem Services in VisiLogic OPLC IDE result in connection and success. Making a test dial from Modem Services also results in success. But when I connect my PLC (it is V560) with the modem using a 4-wire RJ11 programming cable (ended with MJ10-22-CS25 and simple Male-to-Male adapter) then the Modem Init fails and SB 83 bit become 1 (SB 83 is Modem Init Fail for COM 2). I suppose that something wrong is with the cable. How am I supposed to connect V560 to TC35i? Tha
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