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  1. Hello, Is it possible to directly input time (HH:MM) in the HMI (keyboard touchscreen) and do calculations with this input? Example INPUT: input first start time of a cyclus : 08:00 (HH:MM) input last start time of a cyclus: 10:00 input number of starts: 3 This number says that there will be 3 starts of a cyclus. This starts must be equally divided over the time between the first and last start. OUTPUT: first start at 08:00 second start at 09:00 last start at 10:00 In this program we need to calculate the difference between fir
  2. Hello, I tested the counter and it works perfect. Just one remark : the SB3 should be used with a positive pulse coil or changed by SB13.
  3. This looks perfect for our project. Thank you very much. The sb3 bit is synchronised with the clock speed I suppose, so we don't have to be afraid of having a time fault after some time period?
  4. Is it possible in Visilogic to make a counter based on the clock speed? An other possibility is using the standard timers, but we need the possibility tot start a process, and keep tracking (and showing) the time that the process has been running (without time limitation).
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