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  1. I'm trying to configure CANopen communication for a first time. NMT Status integer consists four values: 00, 7F, 05, 04. However when i press "Online test" the value is 517 (dec)?!?! - 205 (Hex). Please tell mi what it means, where is the mistake and how to fix it?
  2. I have an idea but i do not know if it is possible to be done. The idea is to visualize the HMI on another monitor, for example PC monitor. Is it possible to be done, or not?
  3. I'm not sure in the correct understanding of the solution.. In my opinion... firstly i use TCP/IP Socket Init, where the protocol is TCP, PLC port and Master/Slave. After that i use TCP/IP Tcp Connect, the information inside the block include external PC's IP , PC's port and the socket. Of course i need to pay attention for System integers. Is that the whole structure of the solution?
  4. How do you access to the PLC? For example I have WiFi adapter with static IP..
  5. Hello! I have to connect PLC and PC which are placed in different towns. I need to read data from PLC and to download/write data to PLC. If anybody has an experience with this issue, please share. Regards!
  6. Thank you! What do you mean using a description in "The ultimate email bible" - "From: just a fantasy mail address"
  7. I will appreciate if you send the the program. I will have a chance to compare the ladders.
  8. Hello! Another one topic about PLC/E-mail, unfortunately, I'm not able to copy with the problem... I use the ladder from Example (of course). I setted up PLC's IP, mask and gateway. Firstly, I wrote "telnet pop.gmail.com 25" in CMD to see the protocol type used by the e-mail server - ESMTP. After that I dial the text "ping pop.gmail.com" to see the IP address of the server. I changed a setting in "TCP/IP-Tcp Connect" block. The "Remote IP" inside the block is equal to IP address of the server. The last change is in "E-Mail" block. "From:" e-mail is "support@unitronics.com" and "To:" e-mail is "..........@gmail.com". When i press "Connect" in HMI the connection is done. However when I press "Send E-mail" the program shows two different errors: "'From' address format incorrect"; "The server cannot receive data (DATA mode error)". Please, tell me where might be the mistakes to try to solve them!
  9. Hello! Another one topic PLC/E-mail. Unfortunately, I'm not able to copy with the problems. I use the ladder from Example (of course). In CMD I write "telnet pop.gmail.com 25" and I can see the protocol type used by the server. After that i tape "pin pop.gmail.com" and see the IP address of the server. The first change that I make in the ladder is IP in "TCP/IP - Tcp connect" block. The new IP is the same as IP address of the server. The second change is in the "E-mail" block. "From:" e-mail is Support@unitronics.com and the receiving e-mail is "..........gmail.com". When I press "connect" in HMI the system is able to connect. However, when I press "Send E-mail" there are two mistakes: "The server cannot receive data (DATA mode error)" and "From address format incorrect " I have tried many settings but non of them was workable. Please, give me an advise where might be the mistake!
  10. Hello! I have V560 and Netgear wnce2001, the idea is to make a wi-fi connection and using the connection to download programs from PC to PLC. Netgear is setted up to use static IP and it is connected with V560 using LAN cable, Ethernet card is added to the PLC. Unfortunately, I have some unclear points. Firstly do I need to use TCP/IP Card Init and how to set up the block? The parameters (IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway) inside the TCP/IP Card Init must be equal to the parameters inside Netgear? Do I need to use TCP/IP Socket Init and TCP/IP Connect/Close? Thanks!
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