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  1. Thanks, i did it Everything works, even direction change on all three VFD-s.
  2. HI Denis I tried what you suggested, at least I think I did, but without success. I know it all depends on the timing but I have no idea. I know that two vfds can work if I use NO and NC contact SB3 V1210 and 3 VFD-s -MODBUS RTU 1.1.vlp
  3. I can't configure program for 3VFD-s on MODBUS 485 RTU protocol. PLC comunicate only with first one. depending on what I call the first one. I try with all three in the first place and everyone is doing this, which means that the parameters are correct in them. I know the PLC can only communicate with one at a time but I do not know how to write it. V1210 and 3 VFD-s -MODBUS RTU.vlp
  4. Below it's a program who gave me a headache. USB port is working, port 1 and 2 also. And program works fine for now, at least part for setting frequency and start/stop, with Optidrive E2 VFD on port 2. Now i am going on Yaskawa V1000 VFD to try the same. Thank you all for help. V1210 and Invertek Optidrive E2 - Modbus.vlp
  5. Everything is working normally, USB, port 1 and port 2. I am clear about why was port 1 out ( it was iniciialized for modbus protocol in my program). But, what was with USB?
  6. But i can't. Protocols are not the same. Modbus on port 1 and PCOM on port 2.
  7. Thanks for advice. I found programming cable for Jazz, Unitronics MJ10-22-CS10 Adapter SUBD9 on RJ12 + USB to serial adapter and now i can connect on PLC, but works only on port 2 . Will i bi able to use port 1 for control VFD over MODBUS RTU protocol, which i am learning now (Expect questions ) DIP switches are in the same position on both ports, RS485.
  8. Screen video. Maybe someone will see something what i am missing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmMdL_AT0YE&feature=youtu.be Meanwhile, I tried the same thing on the third computer. Connecting via USB cable works only when I delete OS (return to Factory Boot) Unfortunatly, I do not have USB to serial 232 converter.
  9. I am using USB port on PLC and PC. And tryed with third cable. Obviously, cable is ok. I quote myself. I don1t know how to explan this?
  10. Nothing good so far. I think PLC is the problem. You can see, on the bottom of the picturer: Communication : Unable to synchronize - PLC Communication parameters cannot be set!
  11. "See if you have a restore point you can go back to." I am going 5 days back in time We'll see what's going to happen.
  12. Thanks for quick response Now i also reinstall Silicon lab CP210X USB to UART BRIDGE driver but nothing changed. I have no serial port on laptop, or there is any other way
  13. Hello! I have similar problem with connecting laptop to V1210 via serial. And that happend suddenly. I was programming something all morning. downloading more time and all was working fine. Now i get message "communication driver error (206). I have twice erased all from PLC (Info mode--->Working mode--->Exit to factory boot) and reinstal all. Strange is that connection is working normal all time untill instalation is not finished. And over the same port (port 4 in my case). I reinstall even Visilogic... And try to connect over second laptop, with
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