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  1. Hello, On my UniStream (UniLogic 1.23.25, firmware 1.23.8) the web server in the various pages does not update some variables, not even if you update the browser with F5 (a once in ten it manages to update them), the strange thing is that if I go online with PC with unilogic, to monitor the ladder, the web server works perfectly. Or if I view a web page, from a browser, and move to that page from HMI, the browser also updates it. Someone can help me, or give advice about it I thank you right now. ldo
  2. No problem, Thanks for your interest I have configured FileZilla better, end i got the complete answer of the connection to the FTP Server, that i attach here. Thanks. Complete FileZilla answer: 18:07:53 Trace: CControlSocket::SendNextCommand() 18:07:53 Trace: CFtpLogonOpData::Send() in state 0 18:07:53 Stato: Connessione a XX.XX.XX.XX:21... 18:07:53 Stato: Connessione stabilita, in attesa del messaggio di benvenuto... 18:07:53 Trace: CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive() 18:07:53 Risposta: 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [pr
  3. Yes, I confirm that the IP, Port, Username and Password are correct, and I have Download All to the PLC. The confirmation that the IP, Username and Password are correct is also given by the answer of FileZilla that I enclose below. FileZilla answer: Stato: Connessione a xx.xx.xx.xxx:21... Stato: Connessione stabilita, in attesa del messaggio di benvenuto... Stato: Inizializzazione TLS in corso... Stato: Verifica del certificato in corso... Stato: Connessione TLS stabilita. Stato: Accesso effettuato Stato: Lettura elenco cartelle...
  4. Hi, I have done what you have indicated to me, Below the requested file. is it correct that the zip file ask me for a password to extract it? Thanks. UniLog.zip
  5. Hi, Saragani thanks for the reply. Then, the FTP server is on the internet. I have tried pinging the FTP Server through the ladder element Ping and the answer is ok, furthermore I have tried pinging the FTP Server through the UniApp, even in this case the answer was ok. Indications on what I can do? Thanks again
  6. Good morning, When creating an FTP client in UniStream, and activating the sending from the ladder program I get a response status "-6", general error. The parameters for the FTP server are correct (User, Password etc.). By testing with FileZilla, the FTP server is reachable. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  7. Hi, Eyal tank you very much for your post. For the attached image from the PDF help file, i think that show me the read of timers and not the write from the web page, the title is Timer You can show timer values Is this true? Thanks you
  8. Hi, excuse me can anyone help me? I used vision 350, with enhanced Vision PLC Webserver document is all ok, but i have any question for you. First - Can I write the timer with the my webpage? Second - I don't link the other webpage from main page. For example, is corect from the main page this string HTLM, for Linked my second Page "second.htm" <A HREF="" </A> (where is PLC IP) n.b All web pages are under the web folder on SD. Tanks You.
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