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  1. Hi, What is the best solution for converting two 16 bits registers from modbus device to floating point in UniStream? 2x16 bit registers = 32 int to float. (IEEE754 single pr). Is there any FB for this kind of conversion? The device information: I don´t believe I have to do this manually with calculation according to standard IEEE 754. If anybody know any method, it will be appreciated.
  2. Hi I Have a trouble connecting to secomea too. I think there is not so many people using unistream so there are many questions that never get answered. I will follow this thread if anybody know anything about this problem ---- (secomea to unistream).
  3. Tanks for fast response It works as you said but it´s not very good to have to to do that in a running system. Is it possible to boot the PLC before starting the download ("exit to boot" or "exit to factory boot" on screen) and if yes, what is the difference between these to options. Best regards
  4. Does anybody know why this is showing up?. This is the new trend after I got the latest version of Vicilogic (9.8.31). Best regards.
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