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  1. I was planning on it. Then the recent fiasco came out with the Windows 10 auto updates being completely automatic and required which then fed into a recent driver update breaking people's video card drivers and functionality. I've held off on the upgrade at this point until they resolve that out better.
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  3. Something else that can cause issues is if the adapter is not on the same common/ground line as the PLC.
  4. Keep in mind the way the PLC cycle works may be something you can use to your advantage. All inputs are read at the beginning of the cycle (Including CANBus), then your logic is processed, outputs are written, HMI is written, and communications happens. You could create a controlled with an integer, to control which I/O analog module you're reading from, then increment your control variable to read from the next one, then reset it to start from the first again. My personal preference, I have a single subroutine to handle Digital Input, one subroutine for analog input (All I/O mo
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