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  1. Hi - thanks for your suggestions. I had a word from site sying that the comms. worked all of a sudden when the normal patch cable was replaced by a screened CAT5 cable. The normal patch cable is in perfect working order. Is it normal that the comms. should halt if a screened cable is not used? Bearing in mind that a direct connection (PLC - PC) via un-screened crossover cable was successful. Best regards, Ragnar
  2. Hi and thanks for your reply. Disabling the firewall makes no differeence. I even tried reinstalling the Remote Operator. There is one more thing... When I open Communication Settings to set up the connection I receive a failure notice (see the attached screen shot). Included is also a view of the Unitronics folder where the Remote Operator is searching. Is this possibly the cause of my problems?!?!?
  3. Hi Phil and thanks for your reply. I have checked (replaced) the cables, and altered the switch ports (or router ports, which I have at the same place) - no change there. I also tried the same setup in another project (V130 <--> Laptop) and it behaves the same i.e. comms work using a crossover cable but not via the switch. The switch I am using is a D-Link.... http://reviews.cnet.com/switches/d-link-dgs-1005d/1707-6432_7-30540496.html The Ethernet card in the Vision controllers are set to slave mode. Do I need to send some sort of message from the controller to the network announcin
  4. Hi all, I have several similar projects of which I am starting the first one. A single V280 on a small ethernet network with a single switch (or a router) and a single PC. All communications work fine when using a direct link (ethernet crossover cable) between PLC and PC, i.e. using Visilogic, DataXport and UniDDE. When I try to go through the switch or the router there is no way I can even ping the PLC fro the PC. Why on earth is it that I can't even ping the V280 via a dumb switch? Hope someone can help!!! Best regards, ragnarg
  5. Hi all, I am connecting my laptop to a single V280 via Ethernet TCP. On it I am running successfully Visilogic, Data Export and UniDDE, all with good PC - PLC connections. When it comes to the Remote Operator it simply will not establish a connection. N.b. when trying the Remote Operator I am not running any other connections at the same time. Can anyone suggest remedies... What to try?!?!? I can't remember the version of the V280 OS, but I checked for updates just before starting on the project. Please see the screenshot for settings and fault message.
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