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  1. Very surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. Unclear if I could have survived with only one instance of Visilogic and the more complex my programs become the more I desire two instances of Unilogic. I say this fully knowing how easy it is to migrate items from one program to the next, but some times you just want to do some side by side comparisons. So will any traction be gained in this arena?
  2. Same Problem at present using 1.28.26 US5-B10-RA28 I fixed it by not having the Tag: Link and the Action toggling the same coil. So my Action toggles a coil that sets and resets the Tag: Link It is a shame because it adds an unnecessary rungs in the ladder, but at least it is simple.
  3. Your right. I am just over thinking it. Even more I like the idea of using a weight transmitter as opposed to the LC1. I was just spoiled I guess with with only needing to communicate between 2 unitronics PLC's as opposed to any other hardware. Thank you for the input.
  4. The majority of my current applications involve Load Cells. I currently use V350 and/or V560 with an EX-A2X expansion adapter to an LC1/LC3. I originally used EX-RC1 but deviated from it and use exclusively EX-A2X because I can email and explain to any customer how to upload clones for any specialized changes I make to the V350 and V560. Since you need to be physically plugged into the EX-RC1 to do any upgrades its usefulness has its limits. So My question is what is the easiest way to utilize load cells if we do make the jump to Unistream line of PLCs? I'm really hoping my options are n
  5. I just bought a new computer. I tried everything to install the newest version of Visilogics ( 9.8.65 build 0 at the time of this post ). This includes temporary turn off and eventual removal of pre-installed anti-virus software ( which I would have done sooner or later any how ). The hardware in my laptop is upgraded but I went from a 4 year old MSI laptop to a brand new MSI laptop both running windows 10 home edition and I had zero issues on my previous laptop. Final Solve is an old cure all. Install in windows safe mode. Hold Shift while you click reset in Windows 10. I never gave th
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