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  1. Hello, of course, our hope was that we can solve the problem without the manufacturer. But it looks like, it will be any kind of "copy protection". So I think you're right, we have to solve the problem with the manufacturer ... Best regards Björn
  2. Hello everyone, we will have 2 new machines in our Company for textile processing. Both are controlled by a Jazz Unit. These 2 machines will have the same model no, but they have little differences in the handling from the software side. So we wanted to "copy" the "jazz Project" (Software) from one Jazz to the other. First surprise: One machine ist controlled by a Jazz model JZ10-11-T17 (only Serial port (optional)), the other one by a Jazz model JZ20-T18 (USB). So we asked the german Jazz Distributor, if this will work using the u90ladder Software. No Problem was the answe
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