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  1. I am working of Ethernet my v570 plc is connected to one PC address through port 0 port 1 and port 2 via listening mode. now my problem is that when PLC open the 2 port at time the PC get confused it stop to working. my working is that once PLC is open the port the PC is close the port. My questions is that the conflate we are facing is either PLC side or at PC side.
  2. Hi, We are developing a project using Vision 570 PLC having 12 analog input and 128 Digital IO. We want to establish direct communication with vision 570 so we can read & write the specific MBs, MIs, MLs, and Mfs,. We develop the program accordingly vin VB6. Previously we have down loaded sample communication file from net as per your suggestions.That file was working properly. We have used sam logic in our VB program which was running. Due to some problem in our PC we had to format hard disk after that we have down loaded same sample file from the site now it is not working showing that
  3. Hi, We are developing the VB based communication with vision 570 PLC to read & write the MB, MI, ML, & MF using rs232. during run time the following error is shown pl. give me the solution. regards mahesh joshi error_message.doc
  4. Hello Pl. check the baud rare that you set in the OPLC and computer if the baud rate is not matched such type of problem is arrive. mahesh
  5. Dear sir, We are developed the new weighing conveyor using LC3 & LC1 and vision 570. we are facing the problem that our weight is not showing correct value & the fluctuation is very high. The four load cell are calibrated separately calibration is store in the eeprom. when i see the value of each load cell the loadcell connected to LC1 get fluctuated very high from negative to positive. due to that we are not able to get the correct reading. As per the sample program we use the filter & rounding FB but still the fluctuation same. We wright separate ladder for weighing but proble
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