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  1. Hi, Thanks for you quick advice, The block does receive power, and the strange thing is that using the math linearization I am getting the problem described above, but if I use variable numeric and use the linearization it does work. MI 20 is not used elsewhere. ??
  2. Hi, I am starting a new project on V350 with IOA14A02. I am simulating 4-20 mA input and trying to use linearization. X1: D#=819 Y1: D#=0 X2: D#=4095 Y2: D#=10 X=MI 0 Y=MI 20 I have no problem with the input MI0 I can see the full range when I change the potentiometer. BUT MI20 does not show any result. I am checking older example I have done and that works on the v130 and it seems I have done the exact same thing. What I am missing? Thanks Amir
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