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  1. Hi EduMarg, Thank you, that did the trick. Regards, Maarten
  2. Hi, I have the same issue. After an upgrade from 1.13.9 to 1.18.60 the IO modules were blinking green or red. The modules in question are: 0808T, 0808THS, UAG-XKXXXX, 0402N, 0402N, 0808T, 0808T. During the upgrade, I have upgraded the PLC, IO units and the CPU FPGA. But not the CPU boot. To solve the issue: The PLC is downgraded to its original state 1.13.9, including CPU FPGA and IO units. How can this be resolved? There are still 2 machines with older firmware, but at this moment I am not going to gamble a 3 hour down time when the upgrade is not functional. 1 machine is already upgraded to 1.18.60 which went fine, this machine contains the following IO units: UAG-XKPL,0800N,W1+616T,W1616T, 0808THS. Thanks, Maarten
  3. Killing the notifier did the trick . It was probably caused by a crash previously and therefore caused this error. After the crash I had restarted the PC, but still the error continued. Somehow it seems the notifier retains information between restarts. Error report of crash was sent to Unitronics.
  4. Hi Eyal, The driver according to firmware management UniLogic is 1.8.9 and the driver on the UniStream is also 1.8.9. Both are from 30th of September 2014. According to the PLC the following versions are installed: Bin files: 1.8.9 File_System: 0.0.29 Kernel: 14.06 Is there another solution?
  5. Hello, After upgrading to the latest version of Unilogic and driver for Unistream, I have only downloaded programs through ethernet. But now I also want to download a program via USB. However, I can reboot the PLC through USB but I cannot download the program to the PLC. The logo of the PLC is displayed with a warning triangle, and I cannot seem to find what such a message means. What I use is the Unistream: USP-070-B10 with driver 1.8.9 and Unilogic v. 1.8.51 on a windows 8 PC. On Unilogic 1.7.x I was able to download programs to the PLC through the USB interface. Is there a solution for this problem?
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