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  1. kappa27

    Hi all!

    Thank you so much Eyal
  2. Hi Eyal, than you for your reply but still not working. Any other ideas? Do you need extra informations?
  3. Hello, I can export data to Excel with DataXport without problems. Now I'd like to use a simple template (Intestation row + grid), I've checked the checkbox "Use Excel template", i've created it with the same PLC site name with *.xltx extension and placed it in this path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics DataXport\Excel Templates". PLC site name is "TestRugosita" and the template file name is "TestRugosita.xltx". Now, after doing all this stuff i've the same result as before: an Excel file without a template. Can you help me? Thank you so much
  4. kappa27

    Hi all!

    Hi all guys, i'm kappa a 23yo programmer. I'm working with some Unitronics products and I found this forum so helpful and complete. Thank you, I'll post soon a request of help
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