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  1. Guy, What happens when MI0 turns rolls over to a negative and MI2 is at the upper end of the MI range for a scan? This would cause a large value to be inserted into the second formula and thus inaccurate? What am I missing? Thanks Michael.
  2. Thank you. This will be of great help.
  3. Yes. I have a data table file that I move to the sd card. Then FTP the table in .csv format to the PC. I would like to be able to do choose compressed or none compressed .csv files.
  4. I have a meter inputting 48,000 pulses per minute into a DI-16 high speed counter terminal and am having trouble converting this data into a long on the V1210. I tried to have a MI count up to 30000 then reset to zero and increment a multiplier to keep total pulse count. I end up missing pulses during the reset function. Also if I set to close to the limit of a MI then it rolls over before the multiplier can register. I am using greater than compares. Is there an easier way to convert a MI to ML over EXRC1? Thanks
  5. I have a project with 45 motor drives that can use ethernet IP to control. I see the current limitation is 16 nodes, any thoughts on if this is going to be increased to say 100 or so Nodes?
  6. Any chance Unitronics could provide an option to select both a non compressed and compressed .csv file output?
  7. Hello, Is there any chance Unitronics would consider faster processors options for the V1210. My programs are constantly growing and am now encountering various issues with scan times. While I have no clue of what that would entail, it would be great if I could pay for speed options. Thanks.
  8. Any chance Unitronics would develop a direct visologic tool to enable direct imports of excel files into data tables based on PLC triggers? I am using macros and DDE now to perform this task however I'd like to be able to pull this data without macros or higher level programming. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a programmer with .net and SQL skills to develop customized solutions which interact with Unitronics PLCs. Please post if you are interested. Regards.
  10. Hello, Sure would be nice if Unitronics load cell modules had NTEP certification. That way I would not have to buy scale company indicators to tell my Unitronics PLC what's on the scales. In order for this to work in the US, a proof of NTEP certificate would have to be available. I think it would require some password protection as it is a custody transfer operation. Coriolis meter companies do this however load cells are more economical for my application. Regards.
  11. I believe Unitronics offers a good product at a reasonable price. My main issue with Unitronics is the lack of people that are familiar with their product and more importantly how to support their products. While there are many programmers around, I often find myself back to the larger manufacturers where I know programmers are a commodity. While the unitronics products can do almost anything I can imagine, my issue is that I can't find people who can work with them efficiently. Any thought to offering a job board for programmers. I understand programmers don't represent the Unitronics
  12. Thank you Eyal. It has worked very well for single MI, yet my challenge is passing stings on the data tables. I didn't think there would be an simple solution, however I have become a little more creative. Regards
  13. Good Day, I am working on a project with 13 V1210's linked via Unican. It requires a shared data table between each of the 13 V1210s, with 3 of the 12 V1210s having the ability modify the data table and then update the data table at each of the 13 V1210s via positive transition on a change from any of the 3 controlling V1210s. I have considered DEE with Window macro software to update over Ethernet, was hoping there is a more stable, less PC dependent and non macro dependent solution. Any ideas? Regards. mikecbmc
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