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  1. Hello everyone, does anyone know how the PID autotune function works? Is it using a method like "Ziegler-Nichols"? I have tried to use the autotune function. It delivers values for Kp, Ti and Td. But when using this parameters for process, the way how it tunes is worser than worse ............. Is there any additional documentation for PID available? The integrated help of UniLogic is very rare.......
  2. Hi Cara, I mean to add my own styles to the pre-defined styles. E.g. when I want to use a tank i have pre-defined styles (tank1, tank2 , with and without ladder,.... ). But there is no possiblity to change the tank picture to my own one. I know changing the fillcolour is possible by using customized HMI-themes.......
  3. Hi audun, you can use a Tag instead of a fixed phone number in the SMS message configuration. Then you can use the modem.success tag to trigger sending the SMS messages one by one to each number ......... BR Markus
  4. Great work Unitronics team!!! Some ideas from my personal wishlist: Samba: more models of the new Samba plc (different IO configurations) or the possibility to add local IO expansions Unistream: The possibility to write UDFB in structured text add the support for more than only one Long range extension kit Visualization: add a possibility to display moving objects e.g. a user defined picture in a slider would be more comfortable, instead of using "list of images" to display a moving object more than one display per project. With different size and different vizualisations User defined styles for HMI controls (e.g. Tanks, Sliders, Bars, Trends, ....... ) BR Markus
  5. Dear all, i want to use the 7 inch samba for my project (as this small plc is enough for my machine). Now i have the problem that i would need 2 more digital outputs. As there is only the possiblity to add remote (CAN) IOs. It would be very expensive to add a EX-RC1 plus an output module only for adding 2 more digital outputs.......... Does any one have a better idea to lower the costs? Maybe there is planned to add local IO functionality to SAMBA plcs in near future, or any other suitable cost effective solution? Thanks for your comments BR
  6. Dear support team. Is there any possibility to load the "display name" of an Alarm that is configured in with the Alarm tool into a HMI text element? There should be any possibility to load a alarm "display name" into a text element depending on the alarm ID. Maybe with a c function? Any idea would be helpful Many thanks and BR
  7. Many thanks for your tips. Readressing the variables works fine..... I'll give Samba a chance with the next machine. BR
  8. Dear support team, i like the UniPics for using them as image elements. It would be helpful to have also the Pics from VisiLogic available in UniPics (e.g. the Emergency Stop button from VisiLogic, and much more)........... In general I would say as much as possible in the "standard pic library" would be helpful. BR
  9. No one any ideas how to find out the used memory of a vision 350 controller?
  10. It seems to be the variable "IO bus monitor / IOSF" BR
  11. Dear support team, in my application i am using a long range extansion (UAG-XKPL). Now i want to check if the communication with this remote I/O s is OK. Is there any system variable that i can use therefore. Up to now i did not find it....... Many thanks BR
  12. Hi all, at the moment i am using a Vision350 Controller for a small machine type. We think about replacing the Vison350 with the new 7 Inch samba. Now i have a few questions, because i am not sure if the memory of the samba would be enough for this program. * How can i find out the memory used in the Vision350 controller? I already looked at the "project memory map", but i did not get really useful information from there. I only see that i am using 4,9 % of the DLU capacity, but i do not find any information about how many kb are used for ladder code, hmi variables, .......... * Is there any way to export my code from the Vison350 and reimport it in Samba? I already tried to change the hardware in the project, but it is not possible to keep the hmi screens and the ladder code..... I also tried to export the ladder subroutines one by one, but also here the import is not possible, because i always get the message that some used operands are not available on the samba platform. Of course i have to re-adress some variables, but it is just not possible if i cannot import the subroutine in my samba project. Any tips would be helpful, as i think that this small project would fit in the Samba models. And using a 7 Inch display would be better than the 3,5 inch from the Vision. Thanks BR
  13. Hi support team, scince UniLogic 1.17.58 it is possible to upload and download retained tags.(Also in UniApps it is possible to backup and resotre all retained tags to and from a DOK) I often use "user editable" parameters like timers or other values as retained tags. In case of an empty CPU battery all this settings would be lost (and of course the machine would not work correct). My solution at the moment is to save all retained values into a datatable and write this datatable to a file (DTI to file function). This workaround is not very comfortable. What I would prefer is a solution like it is now in the UniApps. There i can backup and restore all retained tags to and from the DOK. Is there any possibility to write a function block that can trigger a backup and restore from and to the SD card? It would be much easier for the Operator, because there would be no need to enter the UniApps (with using a function block I could provide backup and restore buttons for the operator directly in the Visualization). Is there any possiblity? Maybe with using C function?
  14. Hi, many thanks for the fast reply. I think I will use a CanOpen device instead. Maybe UniStream supports SSI in future, because SSi devices are much cheaper. Thanks and BR
  15. Dear support team, very often it would be helpful to use the description of e.g. Timers or I/O's as strings in the visualization. Of course this texts would need to appear in the translation as well. Now I am using the same texts more than one time in my projects. And of course i have to translate the same text more than only once........ Also something like a String library like in VisiLogic would be helpfull as it would save a lot of time in translating and re-using the texts. BR
  16. Dear support team, is ther a way to use an shaft encoder that uses SSI protocol (RS485 interface) with UniStream? Thanks BR
  17. Hi support team, is it possible to use the CPUs CAN interface for CANOpen and UniCAN at the same time? E.g. I want to communicate with a second Unitronics PLC via UniCAN and i want to communicate to a CANOpen device. Thanks BR
  18. Hi Support team, is there any workaround to open UniLogic more than one time on the same pc? I have often the case where it would be helpful to open UniLogic a second time with a different project. Thanks and BR
  19. Hi Support team, is it possible to change the bootup screen on the Unistream panels? BR
  20. I have the same problem. I tried to update the firmware of my unistream controller with usb memory stick. The panel does not recognize the usb memory stick. I tried 2 different memory sticks with a capacity of 8 GB formatted in fat32. Both did not work. Is there anything to take care of? Do the memory sticks need special formatting to be recognized by the unistream controller? I also tried to save the application to the dok (via uni apps), to crosscheck if the usb memory stick is recognized. But i always got the error "DOK COULD NOT BE FOUND" Any Ideas?
  21. OK. To avoid misunderstandings. I have the following problems with the translation of my Alarms: - I configured alarms in the solution explorer. There i enter an Description e.g. "Temperature too high" and an Countermeasures e.g. "Check cooling unit". - The default language is set to english, an second language is configured e.g. german - Now I want to translate this entered texts in my solution explorer under the menu "Project/languages/German" My problem is that the texts e.g. "Termperature too high" or "Check cooling unit" does not appear in the Solution explorers "Project/languages/German" menue. If you write that this texts are all translateable - please let me know how? Am I doing something wrong? I am using the latest Version of UniLogic 1.14 Rev. 44 Thanks in advance
  22. Hi support team. I took a look to the new alarm feature in the new UniLogic Version. I like the new feature, as it is a very comfortable method to configure and handle the alarms of my applications. I have only one question remaining. Is it possible to translate the Description and the Countermeasures? When i configured an alarm, i did not find it in my Language lists. Thanks and BR
  23. Thank you. I think the difficulty is to know the WAN IP adress of the modem. In case i am using a GSM modem I think it will always get a new IP from the internet service provider (for each connection). Do you have any step by step instructions how to set up a remote connection for programming purposes from the programming pc to the unistream plc? BR
  24. Hi. In VisiLogic it is possible to use timers in Data Tables. This has the advantage that my program can run with different set of times, depending on which recipe the operator selected. In UniLogic I cannot find a way how to use timers in Datatables as therefore structs will be needed. And in structs it is not possible to select the datatype "timer". Is there any other solution? Otherwise I have to copy my program 7 times ( it is always the same program, just the times for the timers are different) Thanks BR
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