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  1. Hi all, Thank you for the answers. I must connect to PLC 8 valves, one 24V power supply and three flow meters. Every of them have RS-485 modbus communication ports. I wanted connect valves in one line but owner of this instalation don't want that solution. Now I have two solutions: 1. I will use MOXA NPort 5650-16 or NPort 5630-16 with 16 RS485 to Ethernet convertor 2. I will try to find modbus RTU to modbus TCP converter and connect all devices to ethernet switch. I will ask owner with of those solution he wants Kriss
  2. Hi all, I have a question... Hom many RS-232 / RS-485 modules I can install in Unistream PLC. I must connect 12 modbus lines to PLC but in Hardware configuration menu in Unilogic I can install only 4 UA-02RSC-3 modules and I have only 9 RS-485 ports - 1 in CPU and 8 on modules). How I can solve this? Investor wants poin-to-point connecton with every single sensor.
  3. This PLC works around 1,200 m underground in a copper mine. You can not send an SMS there. Employees do not use e-mails underground. They watch the main process on the screen, our visualization is minimized, they maximize it only a few times per shift. Sometimes our system stops because of an alarm and they do not know about it 1-2 hours.
  4. Hi, I sended panel to seller. Now they are checking it. DanT, I think you have right. When I powered-up PLC on table after I back from service, everything worked good. Kris
  5. I checked the PLC controller carefully and noticed that the front plastic panel is peeled off the housing. Maybe this causes some reflections in the touch panel and the controller thinks that some part of the screen is still pressed. I am sending the PLC to the seller (warranty).
  6. Hi all, It is possible to change screen on web server from ladder? I tried do it by action function but I can choose there only HMI screen. I need it to inform remote user about alarms. User often have web page minimilized on windows try and he want to be inform about alarms by web page icon blinking, maximalize web page or some alarm sound on his computer. How I can solve this issue?
  7. Hello, I probably have a problem with the USP-104-B10 touch panel. I bought a new CPU and touch panel , installed the control program and the touch panel behaves very strangely. At the touch of a button, the panel does not react to the next screen. It starts to react sometimes when I touch the screen in four corners at the same time. Sometimes it reacts only after about 1 minute. Modbus communication ceases to operate periodically. The web server works properly, without delays. Variables on the touch panel screen are also displayed without delays. the same control program on the old panel
  8. Hi all, I have new idea... is it possible add funcionality for moving graphical elements on the HMI and WebSerwer screens in relation with tag (tags) value (change X or / and Y possition of the element). for example if I need to show cage position in shaft on HMI screen and I must place about 15 the same pictures and set visibility for them in relation of shaft position value. Thanks for Your involvement in improvement Unistream software.
  9. It is possible to add possibility for grouping elements on HMI and Web serwer screens and change common atributes? for example if I want create pop-up for insert and validate values, now I must change visibility parameter for every single element. Also when I want move created pop Up only for change some elements what are under the pop-up I must chceck all of pop-up elements, move it, chnge elements atributes, chceck all of pop-up elements again and move. I think this funcionality will be very useful.
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