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  1. OK. Ausman UniGuru. But my problem is from 2014, still waiting reply from Unitronics and there are many people with the same problem. We have more than 50 of your PLC's working well but you need to work on your tech support.
  2. Hi there Is there any solution for the problem I see others on the forum have the same problem ???
  3. Hi I have the same problem. I use v1210 to measure temperature and display on trend. Operators make more than 50 measurements a day that last 4 seconds. When temperature rise above 500C trend start recording and stops after 4 seconds. The program have second display for Trend from SD. When we want to see the newest recording we use forward, fast forward, reverse and fast reverse buttons that shifts records fast but not enough. Is there system function that will show the newest recording because there are many recordings and we need hours to rewind to the last measurement.
  4. Hi I'm making program for measuring temperature from 1200C to 1600C. The program is saving data in SD trend with play-pause (append). My latest problem is that when I open SD Trend I see the oldest recording. Is there any system solution for previewing the newest data, the last recording. Thank you
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