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  1. Pitty this is also not included in the manual (F1) How to synchronise the PLC clock with the PC. Via ladder? Via the HMI Uniapps? (changing in uniapps and pushing the 'OK' doesn't work) or ???
  2. You can find a manual under the function F1, but this one is very poor. A lot of things are not available. Like how to correct the clock in the PLC. Maybe this is why no one from Unitronics has answered you till now, I have the same problem and I don't like it this way.
  3. OK, about no damage, but it can become very annoying if one can hear the sound.
  4. Unitronics, when is a good manual available?? Where can I find an alternative manual? Is Unistream marked ready, if no complete manual is available? The Visio ladder manual is complete, why doesn't Unitronics make time to complete the Unilogic manual. We lose a lot of time to find out how something works, this is not a basis to go on with Unistream.
  5. The same problem with Windows 10: "This device doesn't start (Code 10)"
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