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  1. The problem is that the additional sockets I need are to be configured as server so another device can reliably connect to the V130 at any time. Multiplexing a server socket would mean that every connection must be short, and that the other device has to "pray the lord" the socket is available. Looks like the V700 is the way to go, thanks!
  2. Sorry to revive this old thread, but I have to make sure. There is absolutely no way to have more than 4 sockets on the V130, via an addon card or something? I'm already doing multiplexing.
  3. You are right about this. Many features don't work or crash if the software is not run as admin. Remote Operator included. But this time, this won't fix it.
  4. Sorry to bring this old topic back but I have the same error here. I hit the Monitor mode, then I try to launch the remote display and bam, the error: --------------------------- VisiLogic --------------------------- Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Hitting OK closes Visilogic completely. It starts doing that after a couple of weeks and the only way to restore functionnality is to completely uninstall visilogic and reinstall again. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  5. I agree with Ausman. Although I might not say that it "can't be that hard to implement". As programmers, we should know that we can't judge until we actually see the code involved
  6. Could it be that once a corrupted file has appeared, even if the number of files drops below the recommended maximum, there is still a risk of file corruption? We have a case here where the number of files was over 64, a corrupted file appeared so we deleted enough files to drop the count to an acceptable amount but then, after a while, the PLC started reporting that files could not be opened due to possible corruption, even if there was only one file.
  7. Okay I've sent an email to the support team. I use the small slot for Micro SD cards located on the side of the Vision 130.
  8. I have another SD card here with a corrupted file. I can't read the file, even from a pc with a card reader! Here's how to reproduce such a file: have the PLC (Vision 130) dump UDT files until there are about 30. (I believe just copying them would work also.) Then, in SD Card Explorer, delete them all in one go. At least one corrupted file will appear. If not, try again once. I've found that it is almost always consistent, so I try to delete files in batch of 10 max. We have this situation with three different sd cards, on three different PLCs in three different cities. I have it also here on our test PLC, and it happens while the power supply is steadily on.
  9. Here's what happens when I try to delete the file via code: Exception: File name not in 8.3 Dos format at Unitronics.ComDriver.SD.checkNameLegality(String name, NameType nameType) at Unitronics.ComDriver.SD.deleteFile(String folderName, String fileName, Boolean& sdChannelLockInitiated, String& guid, ProgressStatusChangedDelegate del) at Unitronics.ComDriver.SD.DeleteFile(SdFolder sdFolder, String fileName, ProgressStatusChangedDelegate del)
  10. This is really annoying. We have such a file on an SD card located hundreds of miles away, and the file is causing another process to fail.
  11. Found it... In fact, there's a buffer for the protocol, and it needs to be periodically reset. There was a reset in our logic but it would not trigger, so the buffer kept on filling up until it was full and the communication stopped. We made the necessary adjustments to our logic so the buffer reset would trigger.
  12. Hi! We have a Vision 130 PLC connected to a piece of equipment which sends us data through RS232 serial communication. Everything works fine but the PLC stops seeing new data frames for no apparent reason. The only way I've found to get the communication back is to reset the PLC (power cycle). Then it's good to go for anything between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes. Here is a small video showing what's happening in the serial buffer monitor: http://screencast.com/t/Z307fIC6v4n We've hooked up another monitor to the equipment and it never stops sending data frames. The PLC just does not see them until we reset it. Any idea where to look? Thanks!!!
  13. Hi! I have a vlp project here on which I activated the simple web server. Here is what I get: http://screencast.com/t/CiE2gO3i8ST As you can see, sometimes it works, sometimes partially, sometimes it starts a downloads and sometimes it shows garbage which seems to come from some datatable. I also tried to change the socket binding to port 8080 with no change. Turning the PLC power off and on again doesn't change anything either. If I start a new project and only activate the web server with a single page, it works fine. I've attached the web server config. The PLC is a: V130-33-T38 rev. A OS: 3.9 (06) Any idea what could cause this?
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