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  1. Hi, Would it be possible to have the V350-35-TU24 to be added to the elements list? BR: Ari
  2. Hi Ofir, Thank you for the answer. I'm abit confused about your answer, I have built up the project according to the example in the help section. (See pucture below) As I understand this, a MI value should contain four digits. Case: Lets say that I need to have a 10 number long number. I have set the MI 0 to 10 In the display I have 3*4digits long variables (XXXXYYYYZZZZ) because we need up to 13 numbers. Should it be inserted like this? 1234 5678 9000 and not 1234 5678 9
  3. Hi, Have any one come a cross the following problem: After O/S update some symbols and texts are missing from the displays. For example "enter key" from the soft keyboard and,"Ack" and "Reset" from the alarm displays. Also other texts are missing. The button or place for the text is visible, but not the text/symbol itselves. I have not made any changes to librarys that I know of. PLC is V350-35-T2 I tried to re install the O/S and ladder program, but no change. Preciate all ideas how to solv this.
  4. Hi, In a project I have SMS alarms being sent to a number that is defined by a vector. Doe's anyone have experience with different lengths? The GSM number length can vary from 11 to 14 numbers including the "+" sign. I have devided the number that is 13 digits long into three MI:s (3*4+"+") and that works. But now I need to expand the range. How does the function read the vector? does it read it from left to right and is the maximum value of a vector set to 9999 and not 32767. / does it only read four digits from the MI in the vector, and starting from left or counting from the right. Thanks in advance Ari
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