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  1. Does it mean that till now you did not use interrupt ?
  2. Maybe ......... I assume that you are using interrupt routine , right?
  3. Thank you Zoran. Im also doing something with ethernet and it works fine, but ocasionaly connection drops and I need to reset my V570 to restore. "Inače" Im from Ljubljana- Slovenija. Salute to my "ex" brothers in Serbia. 😀😀
  4. Can you tell where did you find "keep alive" and "keep master connection"please? Thank you Ps : are you from former YU m,aybe?
  5. What about Radio modem?How far is the remote object? Is there eye sight beetween?
  6. Also , are yours termocouples connected directly to the inputs of PLC or there are some extension cables between? There should be no other joints except on the PLC input.
  7. in google I entered "12864e lcd" You can buy it new on several places : https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Microtips-Technology/NMTG-S12864EFGHSGY-10B?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduizYGWjYR47BYnmElLCHru%2BKxjPySDVgs0%3D https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-Graphic-Matrix-LCD-Module-LCM-JHD-12864-E-128X64-/251054642593 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/AG12864EYI-AG12864E-12864E-2-New-LCD-SCREEN-LCD-MODULE-Yellow-green-original/32658324871.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/AG12864EYI-AG12864E-12864E-2-LCD-module-replacement-product/32728511384.html
  8. I would improvise with one of 1A mper rating which should be enough . But before that you should check all diodes and supressors around because it is highly possible that at least one of them have path to the ground and hopefuly that is what saved your PLC from surge peak.
  9. Hi Joe! I work with samba SM35-J-T20 and encoder on HSC0 configured as high speed input reload. I have MI1 as counter target value and interrupt is working fine on number of counts in MI1 , but only on the value which is loaded on the power up reset. If I change MI1 during the program runs it makes no effect on the number of counts on which interrupt is desired. It will change only on next power up reset. Is it normal ? Can't I change this parameter on the go , must I every time restart samba or what?
  10. I tried to change "time out setings" but no difference. I think "time out setings" are for the case when port is already opened but client does not respond in the given time frame. In my case I think Visilogic does not sense that port is opened and it asumes that it is already opened by other program. I think this is because the created virtual port need some time to "load itself". As I understand Visilogic opens com port when you click any of : upload , download and monitor function.After it finishes with function it closes even if visilogic is stil runing. So even if Visilogic is runing and you do not use any of functions above you can use port for any other programm. This opening and closing of port is my real problem. Anyway guys than you for respond , I will spend some more time on it and if I find a solutionI will share it with you cause i think wireless work is a luxury by itself and getting rid of some cables is always welcome.
  11. Hi there! I have the similar problem; Im using internal bluetooth module inside my laptop. I created virtual serial port in the laptop( COM10and COM11 ). I have some bluetooth device which have serial DB9 connector and if I connect it with my virtual serial port it can be used as a serial connection without wires. If I put that DB9 connecto for example to another PC I can freely comunicate over serial bluetooth. I tryed to conect to V 570 but it doesnot work (well, it works sometimes maybe once in 20 trys.) I think problem is when i hit "download " button on Visilogic screen virtual port need some time to open (aproximately 2 seconds) and seems that visilogic doesnot wait that long and since it does not se port open it complains like on the screenshot atached. Is there any way to overcome this problem since I would realy like to ghet rid of some cables.
  12. " If it doesn't solve the problem, then go to View --> Toolbars --> Restore Default View & Exit " ---- This one works! Thank you and have a nice day.
  13. Hi I have been using the last version of Visilogic software and on my desktop machine I keep receiving this mesage. What does it mean'
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