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  1. Just to close the thread. Support have said the MP3 needs to play at 192kbps
  2. Hello, I have been ask to add some audio instruction to one of my machines. I created an audio file using text to speech software. When the audio plays through the PLC it does so at 4X(guess) the normal speed. I tried both MP3 and WAV and tested the file on my PC and phone before hand. Has anyone experienced this before? Any fixes? Thanks, Jamie
  3. Thanks for the replies. ORSO2001's method worked fine1.
  4. Hello, I'm currently trying to read an encoder value from a drive via ModBus. The encoder value is split into higher 16 bit and lower 16 bit, hence I have to read two registers. Is there an easy way to combine the two values to get the single 32 bit value I'm after? TIA Jamie
  5. I have made the changes as suggested and all is now well in the world. State machines are the way forward
  6. I found this thread to be relevant to a program I am currently writing. Programming PLC's is a tiny element of my job and I only do around 2 per year, hence why I am not particularly good at it! On my current program I have tried to use the state machine method - for the first time. Each state has its own sub routine(5 in total), the main program only calls the sub routine required based on the indexer. So each PLC scan consists of the main routine and one subroutine. The program has thrown out some weird behaviour (timers not resetting, coils remaining energized, cycle 1 works cycl
  7. Ok, I forgot to select "read" Dunce hat is on
  8. Thanks Joe, I made a school boy error of which I am too embarrassed to mention.
  9. Hello, I have almost successfully established Modbus communication with a servo drive. I say almost, I cant read the register but I cant write to them. I want to change the speed via a button on the HMI. I get a -11 on the stats tag which is timed out. Could someone please have a look at the ladder for sending the modus write. Have I missed something?
  10. I haven't had a chance to look at this yet, but here is the reply I received from Panasonic.
  11. I do have a contact at Panasonic but he is a salesman and doesn't have much technical knowledge. I have sent him an email to clarify the check sum value as I cant work it out either. I'll have a go at using the serial port monitor.
  12. After another morning of getting nowhere with this, I have to as for help again. Could someone please show me what the protocol send and scan blocks should look like to mirror the lines in the picture. I don't want to continue trouble shooting until I have these blocks correct. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Saragani, I have the latest version which is 1.23.25 A member of our IT team has had it running. It still wont open without requiring and admin login. As I work in a highly secretive industry, admin rights are very strictly controlled. They wont give one to a lowly engineer like me. Jamie
  14. Hi All, I have just had UniLogic installed on my work laptop. Does UniStream only work if you run as admin? If so is there anyway round this as the company I work for only allow IT to have admin rights Jamie
  15. I have had a bit of a play with this and have fallen at the first hurdle. I'm trying to replicate the read request command on the top of page 83. This is my first time using Protocol and I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Could someone please have a look at the screen shot and suggest the reason for the error message? Thanks
  16. Hi Aus Thanks for the reply! The drive operates in sequential mode and moves between 4 set points. Its a chemical dipping application and the speed between points 3 and 4 changes for different components. We can only change this speed by accessing the drive registers via a PC.
  17. Hello, I have been asked if its possible to establish communication with an on site PLC (v1210) and a Panasonic drive. Currently in order to change the drive parameters someone has to connect with a PC to make the changes and this has become a bit of a pain. All I need to do is read and write to two parameters on the drive. I had assumed that the drive had a comms protocol specific to Panasonic and therefore would be unable to establish a connection. I would be very grateful if someone could have a quick look at the comms chapter of the attached manual and let me know if its pos
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