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  1. Dear Alex Thank You so much for Your Valuable response. I have an application in which Circular interpolation is required. We have a PTO facility in Unitronics. But Do we have Interpolation feature in Unitronics?? Please kindly provide some useful OPLC solution on this. Best Regards Sohel
  2. Hi All, What is UniVision Licensing?? Would You Please explain the working of UniVision Licensing. please also suggest the Pros of Univison Licensing in comparison with other PLC software. Best Regards Sohel
  3. Dear Cara Thank You for Your Valuable reply. I am unable to access the link and getting an Error. Kindly provide the details of the same.
  4. Dear Support Team Hello & A very Good Evening I am new to Load cell modules IO-LC1/IO-LC3. Would You please let me know the basic info about Load cell modules. How it works?? Its advantages over other dedicated Controllers in the market.. How shall I convince my customer to go for Unitronics Load Cell modules IO-LC1/IO-LC3. over other similar products in the market. Kindly reply. Thank You & Best Regards Sohel
  5. Dear Sir Please kindly inform us about the arrival of new upcoming version of Unilogic. When we will able to get the new upcoming version of Unilogic. Thank You & Best Regards Sohel
  6. Dear Sirr/Madam What are the key difference between SM35-J-T20 & V350-J-TR20.??
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