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  1. Vision V350 has a good trend display library but I could not find a ready to use library to plot XY graphs where X does not means the time axis. Sometimes you might need to relate two values like temperature X pressure in a graph form in order to make a better process analysis for instance and proposed solution shows a method to create a cursor and move that cursor in a plot area in accord two distinct values like shown below: These two links below are about how to control the fan cooler PWM signal using a PLC (theory and practice) and the second one approaches the graphic design
  2. Hi. Take a look at this website -> http://nets-nuts.com.br/pt/industria/vision-v350-indusoft-modbus/ That site has a table relating Indusoft I/O addresses to Vision V350 registers enabling you to easily connect each other. I have done that table checking the Indusoft driver documentation and the the Visilogic Function Blocks V230-21-G23 Rev: 3:00 manual. Last three links in the page have following sample projects for download (as is): -> V350 Modbus slave using serial port -> V350 ModbusIP slave using Ethernet interface -> Indusoft project using MOTCP drivers (Mo
  3. In 02/Dec I've finished a graduate course at SENAI and my term paper was about how build a simple Java application and get a Vison 350 PLC communicating with a Linux server without using OPC and a step by step jig construction. In fact I did two Java applications 1- TCP_Server which a Linux server timely receives data sent from V350 PLC 2- TCP_Client which implements the Unitronics ASCII communication protocol allowing an user read and write any PLC registers of Vision V350 model May be that code could work for other Vision models. That Java code is available for download "as is" and
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