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  1. Hello, I'm developing a project which toggles connected devices on and off. The program toggles itself on 8AM and off after 4PM. Mode works automatically by default. It can be manually forced on or off for five seconds. It will revert to automatic-setting after set time. Right now I'm able to change current mode between values 1, 2 and 3. I have yet to find a proper way to set timer back to automatic. Suspected problem is timer applying itself multiple times when chosen. Attachments include: - Current copy of a project - Screenshot from main routine and subroutine. office_IV.vlp
  2. I have Unitronics V350-35-TU24 in use. I need to run all seven motors simultaneously with different possible speeds. Used variables for speed are dependent on usage of specific workspaces. There are several shops, offices and the bar in the building. I want to modify ventilation in order to reduce running costs. Right now the motor is only running on high speed, but I would like to reduce the speed for the night. Which kind of sensors would be generally recommended? I have discussed about active sensors with a friend. I'll likely use Ebay as a place to buy sensors. Keeping the project simple sounds like a good idea. I will start with basic adjustments, leaving more complex solutions for later. V350-35-TU24 will be installed next to the motors and motor speed is adjusted with the inverter. Motors will run from 8AM to 4PM at full speed and for the rest of the time speed will be reduced to half. I have some previous experience with coding and testing with V350-35-TU24. I need to find a good inverter to control 3-phased 380V-motors. Would you have any recommendations? All installations will be done by an electrician whom I provide the software to code with. There will be one a document attached to the post. I'll update it regularly as the project progresses. Ventilation_V350-35TU24.pdf
  3. Hello, I have a house project and at the moment air exchange is not working properly. Ventilation system has 7 three-phase electrical motors, which are connected with belts to the rotors. Current system is very old and my aim is to improve it with Unitronics V350-unit which I already have. I would like to do following: - To control RPM of the motor with proper inverter. - Measure temperature-, humidity- and CO2-levels. If possible, measure particles (smoke detector). - Change settings based on current time, day and season. I would expand system with remote control and monitoring later on.
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