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  1. Thanks DanT, allot of testing in my future I think.
  2. We sell systems that are installed on trucks for fueling (12v or 24v). At the end of each transaction the customer wants a text message of fuel dispensed, date, time, GPS location, etc. Any suggestions on Modem kit, GPS unit, or anything else would be appreciated.
  3. DanT, Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated. Dave
  4. We currently have V130's that are 12vdc. I want to measure temperature and one more analog input. Which expansion, and adapter modules would be best suited. Thanks in advance for the help. Dave
  5. Shielding is the common term. Screening is not used that often. Shielding pertains to both cables and enclosures. Grounding the shield at one end is ok if your only going to see low field levels (high field levels both ends). The shield termination should be as short as possible. At high frequencies a longer length termination will be an open. Enclosures shielding refers to conductive gaskets, apertures, windows, etc. Ex-Electromagnetic Interference 30yrs
  6. Good point, makes sense. I'm looking at differential pressure (1-2 PSID change). I store a reading after 2 min. so the reading can stabilize. After 2min is the rate window, which can be set from 3min. to 100hrs. Dave
  7. I am using a V130. Converted the Analog input to read pressure, once a second. I need to average a large number of input readings over a user selected time frame. Pressure reads XX.X and time frame can go up to 100 hours. Using it to warn if a rate change over the time frame exceeds a preset value from the first reading. Appreciate any help Dave
  8. Joe thanks for the quick reply. Dave
  9. I need to have the date and time used as a file name for creating CSV files to the SD card (V130). The CSV files will be created on average 20 times a day. It may be weeks or months before they are reviewed, thus the need for date and time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I also have a need for the customers (V130) to convert a DT to .csv on the SD card when required. The interval for doing this is not known, customer driven. The data table has 8 columns and 1000 rows. Are there any future plans to incorporate this feature for DT's?
  11. Thanks, I have two HSC counter inputs and use those to get a total Gallon Per Minute flow. Used the GPM to stop the Output, and restart when flow starts. The Output runs to maintain a PPM range for flow. The problem arose at high flow rates and running near the low PPM limit the Output would keep running until it caught up. No acceptable with no flow. This method worked, will try yours and one from Uni support team.
  12. The inputs a constant stream of pulses. The pulses represent flow from flow meter. Flow starts and stops fueling by an operator.
  13. I would like to set a coil and reset it when the High Speed counter input stops then restarts. Trying to stop an output when input stops, then restart it input restarts. The output runs at varying rates based on input frequency changes. Dave
  14. I'm using V130's and am creating a system wiring board for our product. Would like to mount the male side of the input/output connectors on the wiring board. Its a way to hold the PLC connectors in place during wiring. Also are there tab jumpers for the PLC connectors available instead of jumping with wires. Dave
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