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  1. I looked at the KEP website. I did not see where your systems would do what I am asking?
  2. How many PLC's can you configure in a single uniDDE project? How many operands can be configured in those PLC's?
  3. I would like to know what any of you recommend for an overhead display/marque that would emulate Bits and registers from the PLC. The purpose of this would be to give the operators a clear view of their machine performance: Machine Run Time Machine Down Time Good Parts Bad Parts Bad Parts % Machine Efficiency Machine Utilization Are any of you doing this and if so, what to you recommend to interface with a Unitronics v570? Thanks Karl
  4. I know the problem. Sorry but it was a simple one, I wanted to copy to three rows only in my table. My table structure had 3 rows. I set the Data Table - Copy Rows function I set (Source row number to "0") (Target row number to "1") (Number Of Rows to 3) As I am sure that you know it would not work because the Number of Rows should have been set to "2" Thanks for getting back to me Much appreciated Karl
  5. I have given more examples, I am wanting the rows to append. All I am getting is the first row updated. The copy from row 0 to row 1 is not working. I will send the example in three replys Example 1.docx
  6. It will not allow me to attach it because it is 390 KB, I am using the VisiLogic 570 controller. Do you have a suggestion how to get you the program?
  7. Here it is, thanks for looking at it Karl Standard_Diverter_no modbus.vlp
  8. I can not get the Table function block (Data Table Copy Rows) to work. It is before the (Data Tables Write Row) Function Block that is working. What I am trying to do is to Copy row 0 to row 1 and then copy the new data into row 0 in the Data table. At one time I had it working and then I built a new Table with less rows and it quit working. Any help would be appreciated. Example 1.docx
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