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  1. i solved the two problem i want to take data from aquis 500 cr transmitter to the unitronics then i can export the data to excel now i am struggling to linearize the MI 1 value as seen in the code it seems that the sample linearization code doesnt work my read values from the MI 1(4-20mA) and desired values are listed (left MI 1- right desired): what function or mathematical calculation should i use for MI 1 in order to obtain the desired value ? 485(mA) - 6.81(mikrosiemens/cm) 484 - 6.80 624 - 10.2 615 - 10.0 612 - 9.90 606 - 9.76 600 - 9.6
  2. i realized that my linearization code doesnt work for this issue i read 445 mA as an input(MI 1) but it couldnt be converted to MI 11 SI 84 value isnt changing (0) and SI 85 is always 20. how can i see the changing of the MI 11 value ? (i attached the screenshot of my linearization code )
  3. Hi i m taking two voltage analog input and linearize them so i can read tempreature and purity value But the two value dont have enough sensitivity , input voltage is changing between the rate of 0-1 volt but the real engineering unit is 23.45 Celcius how can i fix this issue ? (i use the sample linearize program of the unitronics U90 software)
  4. thanks for your suggestions I link AI 0(analog input ) to MI 0(memory integer) in hardware configuration tab but when i go to ladder diagram and select input terminal i couldnt see MI addressing what function should i use in ladder diagram and i can see the input results on display screen ? ( i made analog input wiring according to current , is there any incoordination with sensor (SICK DT35) characteristic ? )
  5. Hi i want to read analog input from my distance measuring sensor (SICK DT35) then i want to scale and see the data(milimeter) in the Jz20 r16 plc screen. i made three wiring : 1.sensor "supply voltage" goes to PLC "V+" terminal 2.sensor "0 V" goes to PLC "0V" 3.sensor "switiching output" goes to "AN0" terminal of the PLC i can communicate on COM port 10 of my PC to PLC and i can download and upload the program. İ dont know how to write code and how to make addressing with hardware and software input terminal in U90 Can you help me
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