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  1. Hi Ofir, Tnx, I will implement it like you proposed... Grtz, SRO
  2. Hey all, Can someone point me in the right direction how to make a Unistream PLC send/receive more than 64 bytes in one scan cycle from/to a Vision Standard PLC (eg. V120-22-T2C)? Setup: - V120 equipped with 24 Analog In & 12 Analog OUT - 7" Unistream PLC without I/O - Both connected through UniCAN I know a Vision PLC is able to send/receive up to 512 MI's in one PLC scan cycle through UniCAN. And has no problem sending/receiving multiple messages to/from the same Node ID or multiple Node ID's. In my setup, I want to receive the status of the I/O of the V120 along with some other variables into the Unistream PLC. 24 analog inputs & 12 analog outputs already sums to a total of 36 MI's or 72 bytes to pass to the Unistream. But the Unilogic software gives me only the possibility to create just 1 configuration per Node ID and the tags for receiving/sending can only be as large as 64 bytes. Otherwise, a compile error will occur.. What is the preferred, correct way to accomplish this in the Unistream without having to use a EX-RC1? Grtz, SRO
  3. Indeed, the buffertag wasn't responsible for losing the received data. My problem was because of the write limitation of the "append to file"-FB. Maximum allowed size is 950 bytes. Since I was just copying my receive buffer directly to the txt-file, I wasn't able to retrieve all the data from the buffer! Tnx for the feedback SRO
  4. Hey all, The PLC I'm using is an Unistream 7". I'm writing an application where the PLC needs to communicate with a server through a TCP connection. Communication is established through a Restfull API; - PLC asks the server when needed for a list of all the configured items on the server. This list is JSON-formatted, will be parsed by the PLC and then loaded into a DTI for further use.. - PLC sends updates to server when an item has changed state. - Server sends commands to the PLC when an item needs to change state. Setting up the TCP client Rx was a breeze! Communicating with the server works like a charm if the received messages are smaller than the receiving buffertag of the TCP client Rx FB! (e.g. commands from server to PLC) If larger then the buffertag, the message will be truncated. (e.g. List of items send by server to PLC) => According the help-file: due to insufficient buffer size (user buffer) I noticed that a buffertag can be defined as a maximum of around 1600 bytes. I was wondering why this limit? And then again, if I could enlarge the buffer to say 3500 bytes and my list grows eventually beyond this limit.. So.. How do I receive a message that's larger then my predefined receivebuffer? What am I missing? Tnx in advance, SRO
  5. Sorry, my bad.. PLC is a Unistream 7" Panel: USP-070-B10 CPU: USC-P-B10
  6. Ok, thanks for the confirmation that my logic is sound. So, this rises the question why I'm able to change to 0%. And, since this sounds to be some kind of hardware related, is there a risk at keeping the display @ 0% for a prolonged time? Surely, there must be a reason why you guys aren't so fond about killing the backlight completely. Why the 10% (5%) treshold? Why the high pitch sound when @ 0%? Is it possible to have any enlightment on this? Don't get me wrong, I'm a true Unitronics fan! Been programming the M90-91's, standard and enhanched series for 10+ years. Just want to have a clear view on this issue.. Grtz, Steven
  7. Yehudag, Thanks for the feedback. Your workaround was more or less already my "poor man's solution" .. What do you mean by "actually" ? Because I think I do can turn off the backlight through UniApps, this is 0% I believe. (screen goes completely black, not like the 10% treshold) Although my wife and kids complain about a high pitch frequency noise if this is accomplished. Sadly, I don't hear this noise at all. Can this be veryfied by someone? If needed I can provide some video to demonstrate this behavior. Grtz, Steven
  8. Flex727, Thanks for the support.. I find it difficult to understand that it ain't possible to kill the backlight with the new Unistream-line anno 2015, especially while all that other fancy stuff with displays (eg. the Visilogic PLC series) have no issue with this feature.. Really had hoped one of the support guys had responded in the meantime.. ..saying this will be fixed in the next release.. Grtz, Steven
  9. Hi all, Question: Is it possible to turn the backlight completely OFF in Unilogic by ladder?If I try to control the brightness by ladder; Actions - > "Change Brightness" and link a UINTThe help-file states: So this seems to be normal behavior. But if I use Uniapps -> Display & Audio; Sliding the brightness-slider to zero, does turn the display completely off!According to Version Changes, this is the case since Unilogic 1.8.51, Unistream OS 1.8.9, October 2014 Nevertheless, it would be ideal (for me and others too I think ) if we could get complete control over the backlight, from 0-100%, by ladder. In my application, the PLC will be present in a livingroom, controlling lights, heating, etc. Even at a percentage of 10%, the display is still quite lit up in a dark environment. To avoid being distracted by the lighted backlight watching tv eg.. and to save the precious backlight for prolonged life, I would like the possibility to completely turn of the backlight by ladder if the display hasn't been touched for a predefined time. => Is there a work-around without the need to open Uniapps or am I still missing something? PS. Updated the PLC and Unilogic software to latest releases, being OS 1.15.11 and V1.15.70 at the moment. Thanx in advance, Steven
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