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  1. Good night,recently bought my paper a rfe plc Samba: SM35-J-R20. My knowledge of PLC programming are very basic, but have come to understand with the videos and the manual part of the basic programming. But I need to display 4 timers for 4 different machines, and do reset with timers and stuff, I do not understand is how to modify the SB and MI that are already in the program. example: I use SB then I use MI (counter in seconds) (accountant in minutes), and finally (counter in hours) link addresses in the HMI. MB FOR counter = 4 seconds MB FOR counter = 5 minutes MB FOR counter = 6 hours it works fine for a screen. but I do not know how to put back the same counters to other screens ie replacing SB3, MI 1, MI 2, MI 3 and mofificarlos individually. because otherwise change their nobres in the 4 screens will be controlled by the same sequence LADDER, and no I do not understand how to change your name without changing their established functions. Or please how to program counters fastest time. Thank you very much for any help.
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