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  1. My biggest concern at the moment is that i will need soon to implement ethernet functionality and without SB2 i wouldn't know how to initialize the tcp configuration (as seen in the ethernet webinars).
  2. Thank you for your answers. I figured out the password field issue, I managed to implement the functionality I was looking for. The SB2 still has me a little baffled... I attempted to switch a coil on at boot for testing purposes, as well as the logic shown in the hmi tips and tricks webinar for splash screen. None of them worked, it's like SB2 is dead. Clues?
  3. Hello. I am programming my first Unitronics product and I am having some issues... I have a SM35-J-R20 PLC and the system bits 2, 250 and 251 seem to not be working... I have tried to connect them to toggle coils which in turn activate a MB. I use this MB to turn on a LED on-screen (my simplest attempt, I have tied many other methods) and nothing... Does the Samba not work with these bits? Is there a common bug/user error that could cause this? Thank you beforehand.
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