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  1. Thank you all. I don't know what I did, but suddenly it all worked. My last activity was that I deleted the old swap files and copied them again from the swap ZIP archive.
  2. What do you mean? I installed only latest Visilogic 9.8.65 and other version i downloaded ZIP SWAP files from unitronics web, exctract to Unitronics directory and start/registers via Version Swapper.
  3. Hello, I have fresh instal WINDOWS 10 PRO 64bit 1809 build 17763.475. When I use version swapper and than start swap version of visilogic (for example 9.5.0) i saw 2 error (in pictures) and than app close. Any idea? (unilogic and visilogic function normally, only SWAP version crashing.....) and Yes: 1) UAC is disabled 2) instaled visilogic as administrator 3) run version swapper as administrator 4) run swap version visilogic 9.5.0 as administrator at WIN 7 32 were all OK... 😞
  4. Hi, I connected the modem EHS6T via converter USB-232serial, which is commonly used for programming Vision PLC. http://www.delock.de/produkt/61425/pdf.html?sprache=en Unfortunately, the initiation of modem has ended in error with Unistream/Unilogic. My main question is, will this modem allow me to acces to PLC via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC(download/upload) etc...?
  5. I want GSM modem CINTERION-EHS6T connect to Unistream PLC via USB panel port. Will this allow me to send SMS, send email and acces via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC etc...? What is the difference betweenBGS2T and EHS6T??? What type of cable do i need for this connection? Thank you
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