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  1. Hello, could you help me please, I have function fill array part, I can not to find in help how can use it. In help are no information about array function. Old VisiLogic was more simple in this, Thank for help
  2. Hi my problem done, I had to add tags in matrikon OPC server to UniOPC, and server working well. Thank you
  3. Hello, I am new with UniOPC, could you help me please, I have OPC client Reliance, this client communicate with UniOPC, but I have problem, because I can not see any tags from PLC, I dont know how can I create tags (integers) in UniOPC?? Thank you for your help
  4. Hello I am new with OPC, could you help me please, how can I address integers to OPC client. I dowload UniOPC server, and I have OPC client Reliance, I see my OPC server in Reliance, but I can not to see any integers and bools. How can I to set some data (integers bools in OPC) Thank you for help
  5. Hello could you help me, I have mashine flow heater and I need regulate a temp of water via PID. But my PID not working good. I did Auto tune, but PID output still hold same value, and auto tune take 1 hour without any results and without change of PID output value. My PID working nearly same. PID set some value and still hold it. no influence on output temperature. Do you have any idea where can be problem. I have now for example 50°C as set temp, and output temp is 57°C Its not good regulation, and PID still hold for example 40% power 'My progam is in Czech language, but maybe somebody help me. PID parameters you can find in subrutine Vypocty>13network Configuration is in main routine. Thanks for help Romario 709_SW_39161RJv1.vlp
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