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  1. Hi Does anyone know if is possible to have both Ethernet and CANbus modules installed in a V350 at the same time? I've seen contradictory information in the spec sheets and installation guides but I might just be misinterpreting them. Thanks, Justin
  2. What about running a VNC client on a tablet connected to the UniStream over WFI. Has anyone tried this? I'll have to take a tablet into the office just to see how well it works for myself.
  3. Thanks for sharing this info. It explains the problem I had a couple of days ago when setting up an EX-RC1 and 1 RO16 module. I couldn't get the coms working so I added a DI16 and after re-configuring the coms everything work as expected. I just assumed I had messed something up the first time.
  4. Thanks for the info. I've tried to use this in past (long time ago) and couldn't get it to work. I think I just used a static IP in the end.
  5. I would use the vector load function 18 times. You then have 18 variables linked to 18 MI's which determines the input to load into the MB.
  6. I have just tried what you suggested and I get the same results.
  7. Yes. I do remote downloads frequently and haven't had any issues.
  8. It sounds like you want the PLC to ignore touching while you clean the screen. I don't know of a direct way of doing this but you could achieve what you want by changing to a blank screen (no buttons etc) for a set time and then return. However, the PLC would still go into Info mode if you touch it for too long. Maybe someone has a better idea?
  9. Thanks eyals. There is quite a bit of data collection and manipulation going on just for HMI display purposes so its probably not in the code that actually does stuff. I'm guessing something is going wrong with an offset or vector length calculation. Now I now what to look for and where to look for it so that's a big help.
  10. I think I am having the same problem. I am using socket 1 so what are the recommended settings for SI104 and SI108? These are currently set to 0.
  11. Does anyone have Ladder Utility Failures (SB399)? I am getting value 18 (Logic: Test Bit (in vector)) and 22 (Vector: Store) repeating every second in SI26. I haven't noticed this causing problems in my program so I'm not sure what to make of it. Should I be concerned?
  12. Check if the router is compatible with dynamic dns providers. The you can access the router from the internet using a domain name. Google should tell you all you need to know in setting this up. Then it is as simple as forwarding port 20256 to your PLC in the router.
  13. If ModBus is enabled then it will accept valid commands from any device. It has no security built in as far as I know. I assume this is because it is designed to operate inside secure networks and not be exposed to the internet. You will need to devise your own methods for securing the connection. This may be by white listing IP addresses from external networks on a router or using a VPN or ssh tunnel. You could try enabling the ModBus Scan FB only when required. This could be done locally via a push button or on a time basis. You could even send it a text message or define your own protocol using the Protocol TCP/IP function block to change the bit. I haven't done this before but I can't see why it won't work.
  14. I understand your concerns, I have the same concerns myself. There is no way to limit the range of accessible registers which is a real shame. This question pops up on this forum occasionally. If you have a particular range of registers that hold sensitive values you can copy them to a data table at the end of each scan and then restore them at the start of each scan. A bit of a hack that may or may not be suitable. When giving a list of registers to 3rd parties to be read into SCADA systems I always buffer them into a vector of XI's etc. This means they can only be read and not written to because there changes would be overwritten. Not entirely foolproof of course.
  15. Hi micpalmia. I recommend configuring the turbine PLC to be modbus slaves. This only requires 2 nets to be added to the PLC code. It doesn't get much simpler than that for the PLC technician. Have a look at the example "V280_Ethernet_TCP_MODBUS_IP_Slave.vlp". I think you will have more trouble getting a secure connection from your remote server to the PLC than with the PLC itself. I don't know what the network is between the remote server and the PLC. From your post it sounds like you will be doing the server software. Would you care to elaborate a bit more?
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