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  1. checked the Win7 settings as suggested and all appear correct. The Inbound rules is "Enabled" for both Dataxport and "Unitonics OPLC IDE". outbound rules does not list either, i do not know if this will be an issue or not. when in Listen Mode and forcing a call, Dataxport closes abruptly with "Run-time error13; type mismatch". reopening and switching to Call mode and thru the schedule and/or a force call all works well. incemeters "MB1 Connect to PC Request" and "MB2 Connect to PC" respond when in listen and the PB on the display is depressed. Incemeters "MB3 Disconnect" and "SB150 Ethernet Socket 3" do not respond.
  2. Back from the other duties.... Have sent the Visilogic to support as requested. unfortunately i have zero control of my pc's (win7) setting. the admin has said previously that i have the permissions required, but if there are specific settings that need altered to have the V570 do the table request and allow DataXport to function, please let me know so i may have the admin adjust. Thanks TomD
  3. Thru Visilogic the SB sockets are initialized, but socket 3 (as used in webinar) never appears to connect. As done in the webinar i am setting bit MB1 to actuate the file transfer, but the set coil does not set or any file transfer. i also set-up a PB on the display that actuates MB1 and the same happens. Would this happen so fast i would be unable to see the SB change? Is there a possibility to get these the Visilogic and DataXport to you for review? TomD
  4. Have a V570 that i am attempting to prove out Data Table Collection via DataXport/pc. I am able to retrieve the table thru DataXport on a schedule and also thru VisiliLogic, But when i attempt to have the V570 actuate the collection to DataXport...nothing happens. Been thru the webinars several times and know i missed something but cannot seem to find the issue. The admin here assures me that the V570 has rights to com to my pc. Have attempted to attach the VisiLogic and DataXport but exceeded the limits. thanks TomD
  5. Thanks a Bunch, this solved the error. i let the admin people know. Thanks TomD
  6. Have updated VisiLogic to 9.8.2 from 9.5.0 with also an OS update on my Win7 desktop and have an error "prvChangeGuiByPLCType9Invalid Tools collection Index" i also have a laptop i did similiar update that is XP that does not have this error. uninstalled twice and installed twice and same....UAC disabled. clicking Ok sends the error away. TomD
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