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  1. We will be using Visilogic, however, I am tryign to get a hang of ladder logic simulation by using I-TRiLOGI. Are there any tutorials or good videos I can watch that may help me more so understand the programming associated with this project?
  2. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, as well as new to PLC/ladder logic programming as a whole. I am creating a project with a group for school and I am having some trouble understanding where to begin with programming, and seek a lot of help/direction. We are using a Unitronics V350-35-RA22 PLC to drive a color sensing conveyor system. A description of our project is as follows: To begin, a vibratory feeder will be placed at the beginning of the conveyor belt with a color sensor placed towards the bottom of the feeder. Each block will then be manually placed upon the feeder where it wil
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