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  1. Why value Control value is equal to the output high limit? This value should be changed yet? Why has not changed and is still there up to a minimum or maximum?
  2. for set: Set clue 900 Process Values 950 Proportional band 1 integral time 20 derivative time 5 sample time 10 000 input low limit 895 high input LMIT 905 ouput low limit -10 output high limit 10 reverse action 0 pid mode 0 control value 0 status -6 autotune done 0 control value proportional 0 control integral value 0 control value derivative 0 integral eror 0
  3. Thank you all for your answers. Maybe I do not understand. Scale same? You think that corresponds to the measured temperature is real? This would be conform by other measuring devices. I do not know how to set those values. I would need to show how well these 19 values ​​set. Then I'll understand what I'm doing wrong. And in the future, I am already set up himself. Help helped me :-(. for set(For temperature 900+-9): Set clue 900 Process Values 950
  4. Hi, i have problem with my example for PID regulace with temperature, (PID-With UISPT4 module-UniStream_070_PID_UISPT4.ulpr) i know not, like i set parametrs for PID for PID_confing. I want to set temperature 90°C +- 0,5°C. Please, can you advise for set the 19 parametrs. Because coils are either just patches and topi or off. Control does not take place i will know then like i will set parametrs for future :-) Thank you for answer.
  5. Hello, I do not know what I'm doing wrong, but the chart is plotted. Example: UniStream_070_XY_Trend. Load it into the PLC. Porměné in PLC running, I can see raising and lowering setting values. I do not know what to do .. This will probably be a trivial matter, but I can not see it. ---------------------------------------- UniLogic Version 1.13. Rev.9
  6. Thank you for your answers, I sent it to support, support resolved through remote management. (He worked on the problem for about 2 hours) I wrote to him about the details so that he wrote to me about what the fault was. Unfortunately already written off.
  7. Hello I have a problem with the software. After programming screens (graphics). I started to program on the logical part. None of the logical internal calculations. But the touch screen can change the variables, when I look into wacth. I can jump from screen to screen. As shown in the figures. the first part of example should add up whole period and in the second part should be attributed solely in response to the key pressed. If I post the finished examples of websites Unitronics and behave exactly the same variables ragout touch on the screen, but there is no internal ca
  8. Yes, I am. Thanks for the advice issue has been resolved.
  9. Thank you for the advice
  10. The project in the controller cannot be uploaded unitronics This is because the project was downloaded without an upload option Thnak you answer.
  11. How can I solve this problem? USP-070-B10 USC-P-B10 unistream firware upgrade your firmware is up to date no upgrade is need invalid user application the controller does not contain a valid application. this may be due to a corrupted application or version mismatch check that you are using the most recent unilogic software and unistream firware version, verify com settings perform download all if problem repeats, please contact support
  12. Hi, During the update, I fell on the power. Where can I find the upgrade to USP- 070-B10. I do not have the correct version
  13. Hi, I have windous 8, but only http://www.unitronics.com/W7 drivers. The problem may be in the windows? The PC-PLC Comunikace - It writes PLC update needed for Ethernet (yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) This operation cannot be completed until the controller OS is updated. Either: Update the files: connect a USB stick to this PC and press Copy to USB Stick to copy files, and then use the USB stick to update the controller. or prees cancel to stop download update needed.
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