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  1. HI, I thought I was going crazy, maybe I still am, but besides that point, when using the Password text box and if I change the font for the description to something else besides the default MS Sans Serif(8), it works as long as I make sure it hasn't changed before I do a download, because every time I change it and then save my work and close Visilogic, when I open the program again it has gone back to MS San Serif(8), which can be annoying when using a screen bigger then the V570. Don2015
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble trying to install the latest Unilogic 1.69.90, I get the following error; and if I try to go back to version 1.23.25 or 1.24.56 I get this error; I have Windows 7, 64-bit, over177gb of free hard drive space, any advice? Edit: Ok I didn't notice but there was an icon on my desktop, so now have version 1.23.25 backup and running. Thanks, DonH
  3. One time I needed more Inputs but did not have room in the enclosure for 2 more modules, so I took 5 inputs and treated them as binary, depending on which inputs were on I knew which switch was pushed, so I got 25 inputs from just 5 inputs, I also used 5 small relay cards at 4 relays per card . Then the rest was just in programming! Don2015
  4. Hi, I made a simple web page on a V700, it currently has 3 of it's 8 sockets connected to remote operators leaving 5 available, I have 1 socket set to http and port 80 for the web server, can I add more http so more people can connect to the web server? Thanks, Don2015
  5. Hi, Searching the help file, I was unable to find any information on the $ used in the title for numeric box, I did however find something here and it showed how to use the $. "Current Box Count ($_title)" so when you enter in a value to the numeric box the $_title uses the min and max values used even if they're variables, so it would look like this; "Current Box Count (0 - 49)" as 0 is my min value and 49 is my max value that is a variable. I just wanted to say I've always wanted something like this in Visilogic, now that you have perfected it in UniLogic, can you add this great feature to Visilogic? Thanks, Don2015
  6. Hi, I'm trying to force inputs off or on that are coming from a Ethernet/IP 8-port junction block. Is this possible? Thanks, DonH
  7. Hi Saragani, Thanks for reply, as I must of done what you said, I re-saved with Media files and now it points to the correct directory, however, I'm still getting a file not found when trying to load a pdf file with pdf viewer. Thanks, DonH
  8. Hi, I have used a previous solution and then did a save as, however it made a new media directory with the new saved as name, when compiling UniLogic wants to use the previous name media directory, how can I fix this? Thanks, DonH
  9. Hi All, I want to take a value from ML[1] which is 70,511 and make that into a string, how do I do this in UniLogic? Thanks, Don
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED! Needed a new Firmware update Hi, I'm trying to connect a 8-port M12 Digital Input Hub, I have all the IP settings correct as I can use the web browser to connect up to the device as well, It says Assembly Instance Input: 100 / Size: 4 (8-bit) Assembly Instance Output: 112 / Size: 2 (8-bit) Assembly Instance Configuration: 128 / Size: 0 I've created a Structure for this with them being two things Inputs INT8(0..3) Outputs INT8(0..1) While watching the Data in the EIP it shows that it's trying to connect as the Device names blinks on for a split sec then goes off a couple of seconds. I've tried the RPI setting from 8 all the way to 1000, with no change. Any one know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Don
  11. Hi Again, I'm sure I'll have lots of these questions, using the 'Numeric Box' keyboard. Is there a way to have it zoomed in all the time? Because as soon as power down and then back up again the keypad is back to being small. I'm using the 7" UniStream Thanks, Don
  12. Thanks Flex, Yea, I did that, I was just wanting to know if missed something, cause I like all the neat stuff that makes for less coding.
  13. OK, I'm working on my first UniLogic program, more or less I'm trying to adapt everything that I have done on a VisiLogix program over to UniLogic. I have a Button on a display on level 2 and using it's visibility bit I unhide the button on layer 2 when a box count is reached. I want to be able to reset the My Box Full counter INT16, but I don't see that capability in the Actions (Collection) for the button. Any Ideas, On how I can do this? Thanks, Don
  14. HI, I now have my first UniStream PLC, and I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a fingerprint reader to it? Thanks, Don
  15. Well I guess I spoke to soon, but I waited a while before posting but it happened again; When it looses it's connection it tries to re-connect but never does connect as something goes wrong with the socket, even after stopping Remote Operator and then restarting it has no effect, as it still tries to connect but does not, I have to change the port (socket) in order to get it going again. Well I think I'm going to go to a wired connection instead of wireless, as there are reports that the compute sticks drop connections. Thanks, Don
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