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  1. Sorry I should use the search button, I managed to work with this sample program: JZ20-R10_Modbus_Ethernet_Slave_Server.U90 http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/topic/2811-jazz-jz20-r31-and-mj20-et1-over-ethernet/ Thanks anyway
  2. Hi, I have a JAZZ2 PLC(JZ20-JT40) with OS V2.35(B08) and with ethernet addon(MJ20-ET1). The plc comes with 2.36 OS but, I have to reflash it because its totally crashed somehow. I can't start it. I am able to connect with the programmer software(V6.6.6 latest). I want to acces to the plc by modbus communication. I set up the sample program by the instructions on the help topic. The modbus topic is shows that, I must store some values to SI. I attached the screen of the sample program. I think the SI values displays weird values. What do I wrong? Thank You
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