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  1. Hi, I have installed a couple of V280 with E4XB snap in modules and AI module, and J Type TCs, and all I get is 32767 values for the TC inputs on the screens. I have checked all the wiring, jumpers, hardware configuration and display configuration, and don't find the problem. Can someone help? Thnks
  2. Hi, I tried updating the OS in my three or four year old V570 and the screen went black and now cannot communicate with it. I have removed the battery and cycled power with finger on the screen, touching it once again, and still cannot communicate with it. I was using Visilogic V8.0.1, and now have updated to 8.6.3, but still have the same problem. If I cycle the power on the unit it starts beeping until I touch the screen. That is the only sign of life it gives me. Has anyone had any similar experience. Regards,
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