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  1. that what i meant, there is no finite value to timer?
  2. Hi All, I am using a timer for 5 seconds, that all the time get connected and running, what is the 'lifespan' of timer at M90. Jazz controller? please advise, sagi
  3. Hi, I know that there is a virtual PLC for some unitronics PLC's (not including V130), Does anyone know a PC simulator for V130?? Or any other cool tool? Thanks Sagi
  4. Hi, now i have another problam, the PLC is not recognize the ethernet card, (SB 141) what could cause this problam? thanks!!
  5. Hi all, I need help with the V200-19-ET2 communication moudle, I'm working with V230 controller, i installed the communication moudle at the PLC, I want to connect the plc to my PC with a communication cable, Which adjustments or special settings i need to do? Do i need a special program/software to do so? Thanks, Sagi
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