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  1. Hi All, I'm having trouble trying to register VisiLogic, I keep getting an error something about proxy settings. Is there anyone who can help get through this? Thanks, Deke
  2. Hi, Recently I noticed that when I removed an image from an application it messed up the other image that was still in the application. I had to remove the messed up image download again without it, then paste it back and download again to fix it. This is on the V1210. Software Version 9.4.0 Deke
  3. I also recently had the same problem, i took out the battery only to find a film of something on the bottom of battery, after cleaning it and putting it back in and then re-downloading the problem has not come back so far. Deke
  4. Hi, Using the Data Tables Clear Row Function I see I cannot use a XI Integer for the Row being cleared, is there a specific reason for this? Thanks, Deke
  5. Hi TM, I too have the same problem, with no zoom. If your using Windows 7 it has a nice little magnifier app. I think Windows Xp does as well. Deke
  6. Hi R.Mozes, I re-installed again this time with the UAC set all the way down (completely off), before I was one notch up, now all is good, no more errors. Thanks all, Deke
  7. Well I found the problem why the keypad not showing correct. Originally I had Visilogic installed on my C: Drive (2 Solid-Sate Drives in Raid), after running the remove current version when installing version 9.2.0 I choose a different destination, to my D: Drive (4 250gb in Raid), when doing this not everything got installed, hence the problem with the keypad. So I uninstalled everything from both drives, even the directory in the common files (had to change security). Then started fresh, and installed to my C drive again, this time it worked as I had too update the OS on my V1040 and now the keypad shows up perfect, it's very nice too . However now I have a new problem, I keep getting the Error Invalid Tools Collection Index and it crashes. Any suggestions? Deke
  8. Hi Emil, According to the info from the V1040, when I press the Version button, and then the Software button; Firmware: 003.003.03 Dec 27 2010 Boot: 002.002.05 Dec 8 2010 Bin library: (0) 003.010.00 Factory boot: 001.003.04 Nov 28 2010 Thanks, Deke
  9. When using the Variable ASCII String with Keypad Entry, the new big keyboard does show but not correctly, it seems that it's 0,0 location starts on the display at 320,320 so the whole keyboard is not displayed and is overlapping to the left of the display as well. Deke
  10. Ok, Here is an example for the V570. Deke EDIT: I removed the Example, as I had one bug in that example as I forgot to change a MI value, (trouble with copying and pasting), MI-102 was in there twice when the second one should have been MI-112.. Anyways, this formula works for any time zone! yes that is right! You just need to change the 2 values, currently for the US the second week in march starts the DST and the value of 14 was used to determine the start date Now if you wanted this for the UK, 28 would be used instead 14 and instead of 7 for the End date it would be 31. Then of course instead of 2:00 am for the starting time it would be 1:00 am, Just a few changes here and there and it will work. I have trimmed the logic a bit, if anyone is interested I will re-post a newer version, and yes I will make sure there are no mistakes. Having fun, Deke:D
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to share this, Using this formula; ( 1 + ( Y * 5 / 4 ) Y = SI-33 (Current Year Value from RTC) Results = MI-95 Than take the results and put them into the Modulo (%) function A = MI-95 B = D#7 C = MI-96 Now determining the Start Date in March, use the SUB function (14-MI96=MI97) A = D#14 B = MI-96 C = MI-97 answer = 13 do the same for the End Date in November, use the SUB function (7-MI96=MI98) A = D#7 B = MI-96 C = MI-98 answer = 6 Multiply MI-97 by 100 and then add 3 to get a value of 1303, March 13 is the DST start date for 2011 Multiply MI-98 by 100 and then add 11 to get a value of 611, November 6 is the DST end Date for 2001 Now that we know the dates we can add in the other data and then create a UTC of the start and end dates using the store function add the other known values; MI-100 RTC Seconds SS (0) is 00 seconds MI-101 RTC Hour and Minutes HHMM (200) is 2:00am MI-102 RTC Day and Month DDMM (1303) is 13th of March (MI-97) MI-103 RTC Year (2011) is current Year MI-104 RTC DOW (1) is Sunday Do the same for the End Date MI-110 RTC Seconds SS (0) is 00 seconds MI-111 RTC Hour and Minutes HHMM (200) is 2:00am MI-112 RTC Day and Month DDMM (611) is 6th of November (MI-98) MI-113 RTC Year (2011) is current Year MI-114 RTC DOW (1) is Sunday Then use the RTC to UTC function, MI-100 to DW-1 value for 2011, 13th of March @ 2:00am on Sunday should be 3508970400 MI-110 to DW-2 value for 2011, 6th of November @ 2:00am on Sunday should be 3529533600 Now we just need to see if the current RTC in SI-30 to UTC once every hour is in or out of the above range and set or reset bits or better yet save to a data table a bit for DST status. If you need an example, let know, I'll see if I can attach one after deleting other attachments so that I can, as I think I'm at my 500K global upload limit. Deke
  12. I really like the undo feature in Visilogi, I just wish it would include when I make the mistake of pressing the wrong button to Center in Display or Align Centers. Because when you want to Align a bunch of things selected on a display to Center in Display, but you accidentally push the Align Centers, it's a mess. Thanks, Deke
  13. Hi Stein, Yes, as I said that works fine if your min or max limits do not change. A solution for this problem could be as I stated. Since Unitronics is unwilling to make a change to the keypad to include the Min & Max values (which I asked back when the V570 first came out), I'm looking to see what others in this community do for this problem. Thanks, Deke
  14. Hi everyone, In the past on a V280 (std Vision) we had more control of entry vars on a display, we use to know exactly which var was being edited by a user and were able to put a message on the display telling the user of the low and high limits that were associated with a number input. Now on a V570 or V1040, I can put limits within my description providing my limits are constants and neither of them change, I'm out of luck when it comes to a limit that changes. Even if I did know which var I was editing I would not be able to display a message showing the limits due to the fact that the virtual keypad covers the whole display on a V570, but on a V1040 the problem is once the Keypad is popped up on the display nothing else is updated on the screen beneath it. So I ask, how is everyone showing their users what limits they have on a number input? It would be very nice, that if limits are used, they would be displayed on the keypad, using the format already set. Thanks, Deke
  15. Hi, I know I'm probably one of the first to use print HMI on a V1040, but the image is not being re-sized to fit on the paper (letter) for either portrait or landscape. No really big need, just letting you know. Thanks, Deke
  16. Hi brdle2002, Did the update complete? What PLC are you using? Have you checked to make sure SI-9 is not a value of 0 Deke
  17. Hi Stein Yair, Actually the number of pixels that it decides to draw must have to do with some screwed up math function, attached you will see another example of how the drawline function performs on diagonal lines. Now in my last example it showed that you could draw as many horizontal or vertical lines as you wanted all within a single scan, if I was to try to do that on diagonal lines it would only draw about 5 lines and then it would stop drawing, if you need a an example of this I could make one. In the attached program I draw lines starting form the upper left corner points 0,0 (x,y) and try to draw all the way over the the end of the display 799 (800 pixels wide), for some strange reason it does not want to draw lines into the "monolith" area? Thanks, Deke
  18. Hi, It's very nice to be able to put Text on top of an Image with the transparent style, is it possible to have transparent style on other controls as well? Just wondering. Thanks, Deke
  19. Hi, I have used the V280 on 5 machines and I would like to update them to a V560. On the V280 I was able to have control of which Var I wanted to edit and which var I was currently a,t like a cursor by inversing the Var. This made it so I did not have to use the touch screen, I am able to do everything from the keypad. Will I have this same control on the V560? or will I be forced to used the touch screen? Thanks, Deke
  20. Hi, Good news! The V570's that I thought were dead are not! The problem has not been pin pointed yet, but I'm working on this as I write this reply. I was able to bring all the dead V570's back to life by changing my normal download speed to 115,200 as mentioned, this is where the speed was at last, before it had crashed during the OS update. Out of the three I had dead, one of them was on the red screen, that was the easy one to redo the OS update to, the other two that were were on black screens, I had to redo twice, but all is now good. I have been working with Jas on this via the telephone, as I mentioned to him, I will do a test tomorrow to see if I can reproduce the problem. Happier now! Deke
  21. Ok, I now have three V570's that are dead! I just tried updating OS per Jas's instructions and it died right on step 2 for doing the first thing Bin Lib. only. Yes, I'm in port 1, yes I just downloaded the latest OS files, and they all matched what Jas had in his instructions. I was at OS 8.0.1 prior to this! Running Window XP Please advise! Deke
  22. Hi, In my app I use Draw Line to display a Profile of 101 points, I draw a line from one point to next, and this can vary from point 1 to point 2 or all the way from point 0 to point 100. Attached is draw line function example showing that a single diagonal line will not draw from one corner to the other. Is this something that could be fixed in the firmware? Thanks, Deke
  23. Hi olivier & Emil, Attached is subroutine, in this subroutine it controls one zone of a barrel that has a screw in it (Plastic Molding Machine), it does both heating and cooling and works very well. It does not use the PID. Deke I was unable to upload a file with the extension vlx, which is the exported subroutine file, so I had to make a new app with just that subroutine in it.
  24. Hi, Playing around with V1040 and I made a Doodle board. Deke EDIT: Make sure SI-50 (INFO Delay) is set to 20 (the highest it can go) DOODLE.vlp
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