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  1. Thanks for your replies, yes it does seem to be a bit wrong! Craig
  2. Hi, In the u90 is it possible to linearise 3 analog inputs? I have regularly done 2 in the ladder but would like to be able to do 3 for the next job. Thanks, Craig
  3. Hi, have a program in a Jazz JZ20-J-R31 that has been causing a bit of grief. Have been working on it for a few weeks on and off O.K. Today when I go online with Jazz it will go online but when I start running the programme it comes up with "Run time error 380 invalid property value" click OK then see "Error in BuildMixRequestForLadder" click OK then see "Run time error '-2147418105 (80010007)': Then the U90 software shuts down. When I start it up again it says 'not shut down prperly' etc. Using U90 V6.6.36 Have tried 2 different PLC's, different cables, and another laptop running windows 7. Normally use win10. Kinda looks to me like a program issue? Did have problems earlier in the day with a message saying too many variables with limits, or something like that. Would not down-load so had to chop a few out until it would down-load prog. No I didn't take proper note of the fault - oops. Any ideas? Thanks, Craig
  4. Even though I'm going from USB port on laptop to USB port on Jazz?
  5. Hi I have two laptops, one on windows 7 pro which runs fine talking to Jazz PLC's. The other laptop has windows 10 pro. This is the one I prefer to use but have problems with it communicating with the jazz units. Have tried a few, all with the same problems, i.e. takes many attempts to connect and download programs. I assume it's a simple compatability issue? Any advice on how to fix? Thanks Craig
  6. Thanks for the replies, like the simple solution of your's Joe, resistor in series with the pot. Ended up using a voltage reg. Cheers Craig
  7. Hi all I need a 10 volt DC supply for a pot for analog input on a Jazz JZ 20 R31. Any thing do? Such as a LM7810 linear regulator? Or do I not need to worry, just stick 24VDC across the pot and when the analog input sees over 10 volts goes over-scale? Thanks Craig
  8. Cantcliff, by de-bounce do you mean timer functions to stop output going back on until after a set period? Thanks Craig
  9. Hi I have a project where I have a 4-20mA input and wish to filter it. In the hardware configuration there is a drop down where filter can be chosen from low, med or high. Can't find any info in help section on what the actual filtering is i.e. different rates of filtering between these 3 options. I am using the 4-20 from a flow meter to control a valve via the Jazz relay outputs and have the situation where the feedback can flicker which can cause the relay to chatter as value changes from one value to next, up or down. In the ladder I have error or hysterisis which works fine but just need to dull down the changing of flow value. Set up in linerisation is 4-20mA - 0-500 litres per second. Thanks Craig
  10. Hi Pity they don't have simulation, handy tool. Is it likely to be added? Craig
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