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  1. Hi; How fast are the inputs counting? What is the Pulse duration? Input 8 and Input 9 are NOT meant to be High Speed Counters. ( True - they can be used for Very Slow Counting applications with long input signals) Inputs 0-1, 2-3, 3-4 ARE the High Speed Inputs. These Inputs can be Normal Inputs OR High Speed Inputs High Speed Inputs are set up in the Hardware Configuration. Look in Help -- High Speed Counters - to see how to set them up and the explanation of each option available. Change you wiring to the High Speed Counter Inputs. Also review the Installation Sheet provided with the PLC. DanT
  2. Hi; In the Ribbon starting with Boolean, go to the end and under FB's there is Protocol Protocol is a method to compose messages to be send or received over the Serial Port. You can create simple or complex messages depending on the device you are communicating with and it's methods of sending and receiving messages. You can also receive and decode the messages from the device. Variables ( MI's, MB's, and others ) can be inserted or extracted from the messages. Review the Help for Protocol, and the Example programs ( Help - Examples - Communications - FB Protocols ) to learn how to effectively use this function. DanT
  3. Hi; The issue may be the OS in the PLC is newer than the Version of UniLogic you are using. ( example - OS in PLC is from 1.31.116, and you are using 1.26.90) Program version, UniStream Version, and PLC OS Version must ALL be in synch. ( Not like VisiLogic where a Newer OS in the PLC can accept an older program from an earlier version) Check the OS in the PLC against the Version that UniStream has in it to install to the PLC. 2 Choices: -- Load the OS from 1.26.90 onto a USB and install it into the PLC ( May have to force the install) -- Upgrade UniStream to latest version and install the latest OS into the PLC and Upgrade your program. DanT
  4. Hi Ausman; Typo nuder should be under. DanT
  5. Hi In U90 Ladder program, Look under Help - Examples - Flow Totalizing..- Tank Level Single Pump Example. This will answer your questions. DanT
  6. Hi; Go into Info Mode and nuder settings check the COM RS232 parameters DanT
  7. Hi Goldic; What PLC are you Using? - Only 1 Comport? If you can install the 2nd COM Port and use it to Communicate with your devices, then it will be so much easier for troubleshooting - worth the money. Having the 2 com ports allows you to monitor the device communications a lot better. If your PLC has Ethernet Port Installed, then Use Ethernet for Programming and Com 1 for Devices. DanT
  8. Hi; V120-22-UA2 is actually 500Hz PWM Max. PWM output is 24 V, PNP, so it is Limited -- also slow for a servo input, and wire the Servo Input accordingly PWM freqency is xxx.x Hz 500 Hz is set as 5000 (500.0 Implied decimal) PWM Duty Cycle is xx.x% 50% is set as 500 ( 50.0 implied decimal) If you have an oscilloscope available - look at the waveform, especially if you want to push it above 500Hz ! You will have to use a counter to control the pulses and turn the PWM On and OFF. The V120 is an older unit and was not designed to really work with a servo. The V130-J-TR20 has better PWM High Speed Outputs - NPN - 200kHz, also some functions for basic servo control. If you also need the Analog Outputs, then the V130-J-TRA22 - NPN 200kHz. The TRA has some functions for Servo Control. DanT
  9. Hi; The Sensor is PT-100 and will NOT interface directly to the USC-B10-TR22. You can add the UIS-04PTN PT-100 Module, or find a way to communicate with the USB-PT-104 they supply. ( I do not see an English version of the documentation) DanT
  10. Hi; The V120-22-UA2 has 2 Comports. Use COM1 for Programming and Online troubleshooting. Configure COM2 for RS485 ( See Instruction Sheet for Jumpers to Set) You can use MODBUS to move Data between the units. Just watch the timing , Search MODBUS in the forum and there are several vey helpful topics by the experts about good practice in timing Modbus Calls. DanT
  11. Hi; V120 Series cannot do Ethernet. Look at the V130-J-TA24 + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card) LCD Screen, Keypad or V350-J-TA24 + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card) 3.5 inch Colour Touch HMI If the program is small and compact, look at the SAMBA Series VisiLogic has methods to convert existing program from V120 to V130 or V350 Color - Ladder OK, then Modify the screens Also look at the Software Developer Tools under the Visilogic downloads for .NET drivers and Active X tools. DanT
  12. Hi; Have you checked out the examples under Help, Sample U90 - Modbus. Also Check Help -- MODBUS -- Copy to Google for Translation if a Help Version is not available in your language. Also Look at -- Special Functions -- Modbus Commands are done as Special Functions using registers(SI's) U90 Ladder does NOT HAVE function blocks like VisiLogic. In U90, the Modbus function does the translation from MI 1 to the Modbus register number and reverse DanT
  13. Hi Does the PLC have a Name , What port are you trying to use? --||-- Set PLC Name -- Set IP Address --(S)-- SB2 SB168- Standard ( Default) Sockets are 20256 and 20257 for download/upload and online Post your code. DanT
  14. Hi; The UCR 5 and 8 Routers from Unitronics do not yet have any interface for Vision support for SMS messaging. Has anyone done SMS messaging for a Vision thru the UCR Routers ( or the Routers they are based on).? There are some options within the Routers for SMS, but I have not been able to get them to work. I have tried several so far. Curious about what method works. ( Tried Protocol TCP via SMS Gateway-Post- looks do-able, but missing something, Email to SMS - cumbersome to implement - no success) SMS can be done Manually, but this is within the router itself, that works. DanT
  15. Hi; I doubt that Unitronics will put TRAIC outputs in t heir PLC's. All their designs are based on 24 VDC with some 12VDC units. - which makes then universally adaptable. The Remote I/O Ethernet based, URB-TCP do have AC Solid State Output modules. Other option is PNP outputs from the PLC and I/O and use solid state relays. ( more costs effective to replace a blown relay than a whole PLC.) DanT
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