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  1. Hi; The V120-22-UA2 has 2 Comports. Use COM1 for Programming and Online troubleshooting. Configure COM2 for RS485 ( See Instruction Sheet for Jumpers to Set) You can use MODBUS to move Data between the units. Just watch the timing , Search MODBUS in the forum and there are several vey helpful topics by the experts about good practice in timing Modbus Calls. DanT
  2. Hi; V120 Series cannot do Ethernet. Look at the V130-J-TA24 + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card) LCD Screen, Keypad or V350-J-TA24 + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card) 3.5 inch Colour Touch HMI If the program is small and compact, look at the SAMBA Series VisiLogic has methods to convert existing program from V120 to V130 or V350 Color - Ladder OK, then Modify the screens Also look at the Software Developer Tools under the Visilogic downloads for .NET drivers and Active X tools. DanT
  3. Hi; Have you checked out the examples under Help, Sample U90 - Modbus. Also Check Help -- MODBUS -- Copy to Google for Translation if a Help Version is not available in your language. Also Look at -- Special Functions -- Modbus Commands are done as Special Functions using registers(SI's) U90 Ladder does NOT HAVE function blocks like VisiLogic. In U90, the Modbus function does the translation from MI 1 to the Modbus register number and reverse DanT
  4. Hi Does the PLC have a Name , What port are you trying to use? --||-- Set PLC Name -- Set IP Address --(S)-- SB2 SB168- Standard ( Default) Sockets are 20256 and 20257 for download/upload and online Post your code. DanT
  5. Hi; The UCR 5 and 8 Routers from Unitronics do not yet have any interface for Vision support for SMS messaging. Has anyone done SMS messaging for a Vision thru the UCR Routers ( or the Routers they are based on).? There are some options within the Routers for SMS, but I have not been able to get them to work. I have tried several so far. Curious about what method works. ( Tried Protocol TCP via SMS Gateway-Post- looks do-able, but missing something, Email to SMS - cumbersome to implement - no success) SMS can be done Manually, but this is within the router itself,
  6. Hi; I doubt that Unitronics will put TRAIC outputs in t heir PLC's. All their designs are based on 24 VDC with some 12VDC units. - which makes then universally adaptable. The Remote I/O Ethernet based, URB-TCP do have AC Solid State Output modules. Other option is PNP outputs from the PLC and I/O and use solid state relays. ( more costs effective to replace a blown relay than a whole PLC.) DanT
  7. Hi; If you download the UniStream Examples .zip file, there are several examples of how to import and use global variables within C Functions. The Examples .zip file is just below the UniStream Download on the Unitronics Website. DanT
  8. Hi; Check the Install Guide, Page 7 for the Jumper settings. SM35.43.70 R20 and T20 Install guide - download from the Tech Docs. DanT
  9. Hi; The Data from the Scale is being sent as an ASCII String ( Not an actual Number - ML or MI) In Info Mode in the PLC, look at the Serial Port Monitor and see what the data being received there looks like. Receive as a Stream of Vector Length 3 ( convert 2 Bytes to Linked Element(MI) ) with the CR,LF as the End of Text(EOF)( Length 2) Make sure the 4th MI is set to 0x00 NULL >> 12 34 56 0x00 (Note: You can look at the MI's On Line in HEX Format - easy read for ASCII Data) THEN convert the ACSII String to an ML in the
  10. Hi; For the HMI Under Text, List of texts Create an Indexed List and call them by the FaultCode ( int 32) ( your switch case index ) in the program ( FaultCode being what ever name you choose ) In the Ladder - Use the Compare = to Set the Fault Code to the Fault number or -- this one is neet -- Under Solution explorer use the Switch Case and set up the FaultCode to the List of Texts There is a lot of flexibility in this function - Fixed compares and rang
  11. Hi; What is the electrical environment around the PLC? High Voltages? VFD's Contactors switching high voltages? Suppression on relay coils? EMI filtering? DanT
  12. Hi; Under Screens, Numeric Elements, there are 2 IP Address Options IP Address Edit -- you can select which IP Address to view and edit ( IP Address Type) IP Settings Edit -- Panel, CPU, DNS -- View and edit These are all editable from the screen In the Ladder - Strings -- IP to String and String to IP ( no info in Help for explanations) IP to String allows an ASCII Variable ASCII to String -- does not allow setting a Panel IP -- from what I can see. (
  13. Hi Define the failure more explicitly. Power failure? Touch Screen scratched and struck on an X-Y point? Moisture Ingress? DanT
  14. Hi; Do not know of a ready made example, BUT : Help - Examples- V900 - Projects - Communications - EXF-RC15 - 2 examples there, modify and rename the IN and OUT Subroutines and add a 2nd set for the 2nd RC15. Modify the MB's and MI's etc. for the 2nd RC15 locate how to change the CANBUS address for the 2nd module DanT
  15. Hi; www.unitronicsplc.com Software - UniLogic, Just below the UniLogic Download is a Zip File Full of Example Programs DanT
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