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  1. Hi; If you download the UniStream Examples .zip file, there are several examples of how to import and use global variables within C Functions. The Examples .zip file is just below the UniStream Download on the Unitronics Website. DanT
  2. Hi; Check the Install Guide, Page 7 for the Jumper settings. SM35.43.70 R20 and T20 Install guide - download from the Tech Docs. DanT
  3. Hi; The Data from the Scale is being sent as an ASCII String ( Not an actual Number - ML or MI) In Info Mode in the PLC, look at the Serial Port Monitor and see what the data being received there looks like. Receive as a Stream of Vector Length 3 ( convert 2 Bytes to Linked Element(MI) ) with the CR,LF as the End of Text(EOF)( Length 2) Make sure the 4th MI is set to 0x00 NULL >> 12 34 56 0x00 (Note: You can look at the MI's On Line in HEX Format - easy read for ASCII Data) THEN convert the ACSII String to an ML in the
  4. Hi; For the HMI Under Text, List of texts Create an Indexed List and call them by the FaultCode ( int 32) ( your switch case index ) in the program ( FaultCode being what ever name you choose ) In the Ladder - Use the Compare = to Set the Fault Code to the Fault number or -- this one is neet -- Under Solution explorer use the Switch Case and set up the FaultCode to the List of Texts There is a lot of flexibility in this function - Fixed compares and rang
  5. Hi; What is the electrical environment around the PLC? High Voltages? VFD's Contactors switching high voltages? Suppression on relay coils? EMI filtering? DanT
  6. Hi; Under Screens, Numeric Elements, there are 2 IP Address Options IP Address Edit -- you can select which IP Address to view and edit ( IP Address Type) IP Settings Edit -- Panel, CPU, DNS -- View and edit These are all editable from the screen In the Ladder - Strings -- IP to String and String to IP ( no info in Help for explanations) IP to String allows an ASCII Variable ASCII to String -- does not allow setting a Panel IP -- from what I can see. (
  7. Hi Define the failure more explicitly. Power failure? Touch Screen scratched and struck on an X-Y point? Moisture Ingress? DanT
  8. Hi; Do not know of a ready made example, BUT : Help - Examples- V900 - Projects - Communications - EXF-RC15 - 2 examples there, modify and rename the IN and OUT Subroutines and add a 2nd set for the 2nd RC15. Modify the MB's and MI's etc. for the 2nd RC15 locate how to change the CANBUS address for the 2nd module DanT
  9. Hi; www.unitronicsplc.com Software - UniLogic, Just below the UniLogic Download is a Zip File Full of Example Programs DanT
  10. Hi; Comment for future : from the comment in 1st post : The only thing I haven’t tried, is swapping out the plug in I/O board with one of the other known working units, to find out if it's the I/O or the PLC itself. I am nervous about trying this as I can’t afford to have a second one fail if something has caused a component to blow. The I/O board Analog Inputs and Outputs are factory calibrated and data stored on the Main Board. Swapping I/O board with another unit's I/O board will mess up that calibration, and Analogs May Not Work at all. DantT
  11. Hi Kratmel; Can you get into the UniApps from the Screen and check the VNC Settings? DanT
  12. Hi; Unitronics Website -- www.UnitronicsPLC.com Technical Support Technical Library --I/O&COM for UniStream >> UniStream Remote I/O - User Manual -- Details there DanT
  13. Hi; If program Upload is password protected, you cannot upload it without the password. If they set the Properties to Block PC Access, then you are out of luck -- all communications is blocked -- You will have to get a new JAZZ PLC and program it with a new program - Your Way. BUT If the Block PC Access, has NOT been Set, then You can download your new program overtop and replace the previous program. ( The password required for the old program will also be gone with the old program) DanT
  14. Hi; The USP-104-B10 10 Inch HMI and USP-156-B10 15 Inch without the CPU Module attached will act as a remote HMI via VNC. The CPU Module is required for the PLC program, so the Screen is focused on the HMI and other communications. DanT
  15. Hi; Looking at the picture you posted of the new installation. Further to Alex's Post - System is not plug and play POSITION is VERY IMPORTANT Do You Understand how Unitronics I/O Module addressing is done when you use the EX-A2X Expansion Module? Now post an image -Screen Shot of the VisiLogic Hardware configuration of the system . VisiLogic - View HW_configuration. Where is the module placed in the configuration? Is this replacing and existing module, or added? If it is replacing an existing module - what was the previous
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