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  1. Hi Kratmel; Can you get into the UniApps from the Screen and check the VNC Settings? DanT
  2. Hi; Unitronics Website -- www.UnitronicsPLC.com Technical Support Technical Library --I/O&COM for UniStream >> UniStream Remote I/O - User Manual -- Details there DanT
  3. Hi; If program Upload is password protected, you cannot upload it without the password. If they set the Properties to Block PC Access, then you are out of luck -- all communications is blocked -- You will have to get a new JAZZ PLC and program it with a new program - Your Way. BUT If the Block PC Access, has NOT been Set, then You can download your new program overtop and replace the previous program. ( The password required for the old program will also be gone with the old program) DanT
  4. Hi; The USP-104-B10 10 Inch HMI and USP-156-B10 15 Inch without the CPU Module attached will act as a remote HMI via VNC. The CPU Module is required for the PLC program, so the Screen is focused on the HMI and other communications. DanT
  5. Hi; Looking at the picture you posted of the new installation. Further to Alex's Post - System is not plug and play POSITION is VERY IMPORTANT Do You Understand how Unitronics I/O Module addressing is done when you use the EX-A2X Expansion Module? Now post an image -Screen Shot of the VisiLogic Hardware configuration of the system . VisiLogic - View HW_configuration. Where is the module placed in the configuration? Is this replacing and existing module, or added? If it is replacing an existing module - what was the previous
  6. Hi; In VisiLogic, Under Help Examples, there are examples of how to implement the EX-RC1. As Joe stated, you have to setup and program the EX-RC1 with the Configuration, then import that into the Main PLC and have the subroutines installed in the Main PLC. DanT
  7. Hi; In Help -Samples - Basic Ladder functions, there is a Sample program for using LONG INTS Shows Multiply, Divide and how to display. In Help, Search > Long DanT
  8. Hi; In the Unitronics Downloads for UniStream, there is a file UniLogic Examples. There are a couple of examples for Using the Databases. You may find these useful to review for your project, along with the Information in Help. www.unitronicsplc.com Software UniStream DanT
  9. Hi; Looking at the Installation Manual for the USC-B10-T42, Page 10, the wiring you described is for Input wiring, sink Note the description for sink in the note below : Use sink input wiring to connect a sourcing (pnp) device. From this, you have the Inputs wired for PNP Sensors ( and your meter reading appear to indicate PNP -- assuming the 24 VDC input is when the sensor is sensing a target) Are your sensors PNP or NPN ???? -- Make and Model DanT
  10. Hi; VisiLogic -- Under the Connection Tab, Just above Communications & OS - Choice of Text or Binary File Handy if you have to change out a PLC and want to restore the data to the new one - like timers that have been changed, or MI/ML/etc. that are used like constants IP Addresses, ASCII Strings, Data Table Pointers, etc. Useful in troubleshooting, or preserving data before making a major change. DanT
  11. Hi; How Many IO-D16A3+RO16 do you have? 1 or 4 ? IF you Have Only 1 IO-D16A3-RO16 -- where did you place it in the sequence -- Before or after the IO-AI8? , and did you adjust the Hardware Setup in the V1210 Accordingly? If you have 4 IO-D16A3-RO16 then : The EX-A2x can handle a Maximum of 8 I/O Modules. DI16 + DI16 + RO16+ RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + IO-AI8 = 9 Expansion! (96 Relay Out ) IF THIS IS YOUR CASE, THEN you will have to remove the IO-AI8, And Buy a EX-RC1 and use the CANBUS Port on the V1210 to
  12. HI; How are you going to communicate with the VFD? ( Modbus RTU (Serial) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet) ) ???? Do you have a communications card in the V430? Which one ? The USB Programming Port in the V430 is for Programming ONLY, not for communicating to other devices. In VisiLogic under Help, there are Example programs Look for the Communications and Modbus. Open and understand them and read the Modbus Help in the Help data. Learn how MODBUS works. In the Manual for the VFD Review how to communic
  13. Hi Louis; Contact Unitronics Support directly -- or call them - get their number from your local distributor. Their Asian and European support is from Israel North American support is out of Boston support@unitronicsplc.com DanT
  14. Hi; Nearest USB Stick -- How big was it? Better be > 4GB !!!! Contact Unitronics Support to help you out -- Support@unitronicsplc.com or call them. DanT
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