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  1. Hi; Unitronics PLC's do not support Thermistors. Unitronics PLC's with temperature inputs support Thermocouples or 100ohm RTD or 1 kohm RTD ( IO Module) You can refer to the installation sheet that came with the PLC or look on line at Unitronicsplc.com , Technical support and tech documents for the model you have. You can look up on the internet for a Thermistor interface to a 0-10V analog input. The calibaration will be up to you to figure out - do the math. Note that analog inputs on models without temperature input are 10 bit ( 0-1023) and on models with Temperature inputs the analog resolution is 14 bit ( 0-16767) DanT
  2. Hi; One observation: Many different logical statements inside each net. PLC Compiler has to " chew through " a lot to get 1 final result of 2 or 3 different operations. ( look at the STL Statements for these nets) That one with 3 references to MB56 will cause problems -( )- and 2 x -(P)- Break it up. The Leading edge pulses can get missed in the current setup. Separate into individual nets. - The STL's are simpler to work on and the result is simple - The plc will process them easier. I have seen cases when having more than 1 logical sequence in a net gives an un-expected wrong result. Unitronics recommends 1 logical statement per net. DanT
  3. Hi Hasan; The Example program were created before the SAMBA was developed and the models used have more memory available. In these cases you can re-assign the memory locations from the higher ranges to the ranges for the Samba within VisiLogic . Under Edit there are a few real handy functions : Find Operand -- see where an operand is used and how many times Replace Operand -- to move an operand from 1 MB/MI to another Open the example, review the MB's, MI's and move them to the SAMBA range, Save the program under an new name Then Under View, Hardware config change the hardware to the SMABA Model OR Place the revised ladder into a subroutine and export the subroutine and import the subroutine into the SAMBA Program and deal with the warnings. Also remember to check the Analog setups and redo manually in the SAMBA HMI's are more difficult to work with , they cannot be exported and imported into a SAMBA, so best to re-create them in the SMABA HMI. The SAMBA has a Limited Memory range for both Ladder and HMI. DanT
  4. Hi; The M91 and JAZZ Series PLC's have 2 Passwords that can be set. 1 Password BLOCKS ALL Communications to the PLC ( No download, no upload, no devices that need communications to operate) When this is set, then you have to know the password to unlock it. 1 Password allows communication, BUT does not allow UPLOAD of the program unless you have the password. There is NO Backdoor to getting to the program if these passwords are set Refer to Help -- Project properties for the explanations. If the PLC was programmed by the machine manufacturer, then contact them. They had reasons to protect the PLC from being tampered with. DanT
  5. HI; Does your Computer have USB Port? Then you can use the RS232-Com Cable and a USB to DB9 RS232 Adapter. DanT
  6. HI; Looking at the Data Stream, the clue is the * Character. Try it as the ETX or as STX Data Format appears stable - size and comma locations Bring in as a string and the parse it to extract the data. You may also be able to extract the data on the fly as it is formatted already. Look at Examples - Communications - FB Protocol - V130 Receive 4 Numbers DanT
  7. Hi; I tried to watch the video and got this Message in the Video Window : ( I am in Canada) Video unavailable This video contains content from Fremantle International, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. DanT
  8. Hi; I was able to locate the EDS Sheet in the Keyence website, extracted it, and UniLogic imported the data successfully. Info passed on to customer. DanT
  9. Hi; Looking for a bit of experienced guidance for a customer in setting up the Ethernet/IP Parameters and structures for using an Keyence IV2G30F Module. Anyone set one up with a UnIStream PLC? - Your experience? Have got the Module information for connecting to an A-B PLC, has some data there, DanT
  10. Hi; U90 Ladder -- HELP - Sample U90 Projects -- Basic HMI Operations There is an example program for passwords. DanT
  11. Hi; How fast are the inputs counting? What is the Pulse duration? Input 8 and Input 9 are NOT meant to be High Speed Counters. ( True - they can be used for Very Slow Counting applications with long input signals) Inputs 0-1, 2-3, 3-4 ARE the High Speed Inputs. These Inputs can be Normal Inputs OR High Speed Inputs High Speed Inputs are set up in the Hardware Configuration. Look in Help -- High Speed Counters - to see how to set them up and the explanation of each option available. Change you wiring to the High Speed Counter Inputs. Also review the Installation Sheet provided with the PLC. DanT
  12. Hi; In the Ribbon starting with Boolean, go to the end and under FB's there is Protocol Protocol is a method to compose messages to be send or received over the Serial Port. You can create simple or complex messages depending on the device you are communicating with and it's methods of sending and receiving messages. You can also receive and decode the messages from the device. Variables ( MI's, MB's, and others ) can be inserted or extracted from the messages. Review the Help for Protocol, and the Example programs ( Help - Examples - Communications - FB Protocols ) to learn how to effectively use this function. DanT
  13. Hi; The issue may be the OS in the PLC is newer than the Version of UniLogic you are using. ( example - OS in PLC is from 1.31.116, and you are using 1.26.90) Program version, UniStream Version, and PLC OS Version must ALL be in synch. ( Not like VisiLogic where a Newer OS in the PLC can accept an older program from an earlier version) Check the OS in the PLC against the Version that UniStream has in it to install to the PLC. 2 Choices: -- Load the OS from 1.26.90 onto a USB and install it into the PLC ( May have to force the install) -- Upgrade UniStream to latest version and install the latest OS into the PLC and Upgrade your program. DanT
  14. Hi Ausman; Typo nuder should be under. DanT
  15. Hi In U90 Ladder program, Look under Help - Examples - Flow Totalizing..- Tank Level Single Pump Example. This will answer your questions. DanT
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