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  1. Using UnCmDrv1 in Excel I can read all day long all the data I need for Integers, Longs and bools. But, when I try to write , nothing happens. Using the V1040 'info mode' : Ethernet Monitor, I can see the data when it is read, and also the stats with "parameter Summarize". When trying to write, the port on the V1040 does open, but no packet data counter change. This leads me to beleive that PC end is the problem. The write portion of my program is exactly like the read porition: Call mComDriver.Read_MemIntegers(aLocation, 1, iMI, 0) ' GET INTEGER theValue = iMI(0) and for writti
  2. For a V1040: I have to update the ladder code. ONLY the code. The plc is 1000 miles away and there is no way the customer can do it via any of the programming / transfer software. And they do NOT want to send the unit back to me. Can this be done via the SD card ? If so , where are the Step-by-Step instructions for first getting the updated ladder code to the card and then for the customer to transfer it to the plc. And also what about register values ? First for the customer to save the values to the SD card and send to me and then for me to update the values and send it back as some regis
  3. Where is previous version 9.3.0 ? It is not listed under precious downloads. Need to have a customer download it URGENTLY.
  4. I had the same type of freeze when I installed an Ethernet card to a V1040.
  5. I have found that when using this module, I must check that the number I send to a channel be limited to 0-4095. If I send a number > 4095, the next higher channel output voltage is influenced. For example, channel #2 has #2048 sent to it so it puts out 5.0vdc. Then, by accident, I send a number, such as (I don't remember the exact #) 9000 to channel #1. Well, channel #2 now read 5.5volts, not 5.0vdc as it should. I do not remember what channel #1 outputted. This is not good. This should not be. I am guessing that the hardware that converts a 16 bit register to a voltage is not clearing
  6. [bump - again - 2 weeks after original post] - no confirmation or denial of what I see, by Unitronics ?
  7. That would be abnormal. behavior when compared to any and all expectations and other HMI's. Unitronics - P L E A S E F I X ! it's easy. Yes it is, As a designer and programmer of many graphic programs that have this feature, I can attest to it.
  8. "Send To Back" doesn't work. Oh, maybe it does sometimes. Or maybe something else is broke. Put a horz. line on the screen. Now put some text over it. Send the line to back. Download. Nope, a line goes right through the text (or other objects). Try again, download, nope. repeat at least 3 more times trying everthng else that can be thought of. Great. Another 2+ hours down the drain as I draw small little lines to go between text and bar graphs vs one long line that should be behind the text and show only where there isn't anything else.
  9. "One or more of the selected elements cannot be resized / aligned / rotated" ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please, don't try to protect me from doing what you all think are silly things. They aren't. It appears that when trying to Make Equal Spaces (Vertical) , the existing objects are also checked against themselves. I have roughly drawn 9 horz. lines in a vertical layout and want to make them equal spaced. No can use the tool. Also, when the equal space tool can be use, it will also move the bottom object. It looks like the code for this is determining the spacing a
  10. The following is with VL 9.3 and a V1040 with O/S 3.4 (00) When using a PID loop in a Reverse mode ( the Action parameter bit in the configuration block = 0) everything is fine. However, when setting the Action bit to Direct (bit =1), the only difference in function is that the CV output value is range inverted. In other words, with Reverse action, the output goes from 0 to 100% as the PV gets further below the SP. Typical heating PID action. Now with the action set to Direct (for Cooling control), the CV output now goes from 100% to 0% as the PV decreases further below the SP. The CV
  11. You mean, even if I download & burn, then upload the project from the V1040 the register values are not brought over the the PC and then stored in a file ? And there's no way to set the values off line other than Power Up ? That's not acceptable ! This is unheard of for any plc and none of the 50+ different types that I have used in the last 35 years were like this. The spread sheet idea is not a solution when programming and a very big band aid to implement for the end user. From my very brief reading about Remote Access, it is based on tables of bytes, not registers. Well, that's w
  12. In VL 9.3 for a V1040, how can I enter a numeric value into the MI register when writing the program? I can't wait to do it 'on-line'. A time waster to scroll about in the Output Window to set one by one when on-line. Then there is the problem is how will they be set when I download to a new V1040 ? I don't what to enter a Power Up value, only to have to go on-line for the register to be loaded and then have to go back and un-tick the "Initialize during Power Up option." Some values are set by be as initial values to be used but are operator change able, so having them reset at power up
  13. stembera: I guess 'Fast" is a relative term. I too am running Win 7 Ultimate / 4GB , 64bit on a 2.4Ghz quad core. It takes 17 seconds to "download' a very small project after a minor (move a TEXT object one pixel) change . My CPU usage never goes over 35%. How much is actual download vs play with files, I don't know but I suspect not much. Damian: I have found that VL 9.3 does about 55 MB of I/O reads and 5MB of I/O writes each time I download the simple project that is only 317Kb in size. Very strange since it uses only 38MB of ram. I also note that if I copy / paste 10 items on a display
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