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  1. Hello everyone I have a challenge that I cannot solve a P1 telegram (ASCII string) is sent from an electricity meter every 7 seconds How can I process this in Unistream And where should I buffer it, this because of over 700 ASCII characters in the telegram must search for the value after a code The telegram is not fixed in length, and line number 42/5000 Below a scan of PuTTY /ISk5\2MT382-1000 1-3:0.2.8(50)
  2. Hello to all , I'm struggling with reading out a smart power meter I want to use the (float) values of a telegram in a building automation project The data I get through an RS232 card UAC-01RS2 Which are directly linked to the P1 of the Smart Power Meter This is automatically sent every 10 seconds by the Smart Power Meter I read the telegram in the buffer by using the COM Rx function But how do I filter the (float) values out of the telegram Start = / End =! After the! = CRC16 using the polynomial: x16 + x15 + x2 + 1 The telegram scan by PuTTY -------------------------------
  3. Dear Users Is it possible to visualize the project name on a screen Something like this is also done in the Info menu Info / Version / Software / Project Name So if you use the project name like cola-cola V3.45 So that you can visualize "cola-cola V3.45" on a screen Thanks
  4. Hello My firmware manager of Unilogic cannot find any firmware files He has surging for over 2 hours I already reinstalled Unistream, bud no resold Has Anyone a suggestion, how to solve this problem In need to make a USB stick whit a Upgrade file for my panel Thanks a lot
  5. Hello I have a PLC error on 3 systems V570, What is the corrosion of that I have no Ethernet connection On the eternet page ( info mode ) Below the IP address Critical Error Reset PLC SDW39 1
  6. Hello to all Unitronics fans Is it possible to set a bit by receiving a email Something like te SMS function in jour software shut bee nice in the further Boetje
  7. Hello, There is a sample project available in the new 9.0 version. Where you can copy SD to FTP ( Vision is FTP client ). I also work on a project to save to a NAS. I have configured the NAS as a FTP server. Late me know when it is working, I am out of time to test the hole thing
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