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  1. What LED’s are on on the EX-A2X? also the cable between the PPC and Adaptor has to be connected with the correct end at the PPC and EX-A2X it is labelled but double check to make sure you’ve got it correct.
  2. You'll have to move the Wi-Fi from the switch to the WAN and take the Ethernet port currently being utilized as the WAN and put it in the LAN. Look under quick set there should be an option to do everything you need under that tab. We don't typically set them up that way so I'm not sure of all the settings. Send me PM if you need more info as it's not really Unitroincs item. Alternatively you could use the new UCR to do the same job.
  3. Lot of it depends on what you are trying to do with the mAP.
  4. See the linked post and see if that solves the issue. You would need to be running 1.30.58 in order to do it though.
  5. @Prem Lanka What is all connected to the system for IO and other devices?
  6. Is there a way to know if a VNC screen has been touched? We are doing a project with a Uni PLC and I’m trying to setup a watchdog timer to activate a screen saver. In a standard Uni-Stream I’d use the General.Touched Bit as the bit that controls the timer. During testing with a VNC panel this bit never activates and I have been unable to locate a system bit that indicates this. Or am I stuck going their the project and adding an action to every single button that acts as the General.Touched Bit to achieve the same result?
  7. Doesn’t the project settings radio button provide this ??
  8. Idle will stop the whole process for however you set it. This includes I/O updates, as Alex said your probably better off using timers.
  9. Is there any logic occurring accidentally on the home sensors negotiate transition? Or in getting the unit to stop does the home sensor remain on or does the slide actually move past the home sensor and end up re-triggering a piece of logic with an unexpected positive transition that it shouldn’t be during your first move?
  10. Check page three of the install guide about the RG pins. If they aren’t connected properly you can get incorrect operation of the DI and AI.
  11. I seem to recall that there is a read socket status command under the COM>TCP/IP menu
  12. 1) is the common for the relay output connected? 2)Did you supply 24VDc to the V1 and 0V for the 24VDC digital outputs??? see page 4 of the install guide
  13. There's a programming port required for the Jazz series. Contact your local distributor and inquire about a JZ-PRG.
  14. Well this is partially solved. I can use explicit messaging and get data from the block if 1)No implicit messaging is active 2)I’m not in online mode with my PC If implicit is active there are two extra bytes inserted in to the explicit communication which the block then interprets as the class is 0xFF96 instead of the 0x96 which is declared. With the PC connected in online mode the status is always -1. Disconnect the PC and and disable implicit messaging and everything works. Support has everything including the wire shark files showing what is being transmitted includin
  15. Hi Pista, See the update post above yours I believe they got approved at the same time so you probally couldn’t see it. yes the scanner initialisation is 4 when I try to communicate as there is implicit meesaging going on as well. I believe three bytes is correct as all I need to send as data is 0x41 0x00 0x00. Or am I mistaken and I need to send 12 as the service code,class,instance,attribute which consist of 9 bytes need to be included in the bytes to copy? The help file is a little light on this function @Cara Bereck Levy
  16. Update to this I apparently missed the explicit general message function block when looking at this. I’ve got it configured However when it runs I get a -1 in the status message every time. I shut off the implicit messaging and just set it up for explicit that didn’t work either. Screen shot attached. My next step is to wire shark it in the morning and see if the PLC is actually transmitting, or somehow is stepping on itself and not. anyone else have a suggestion as to what to check or try?
  17. You have to put the text in and then when the protocol send is activated in the ladder it will send the specified message from the linked MI
  18. Has any one ever set up a UniStream to communicate with an Ethernet/IP IO-Link Master block? or accomplish what is described below. I can communicate with the block and configure the block itself, however I am unable to set parameters in IO-Link devices connected to the block using an explicit message. I need to send a message with the following: CIP Service: 0x32 CIP Class ID: 0x96 CIP Instance ID: 1 Attribute 0x03 (read) 0x02(write) Service Data 0x41 (Index I want to read/Write) followed by the data I want to write if I'm doing that operation R
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