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  1. Hi, does Messages Received Counters, SI 274-276 count any protocol messages? I'm interested if V570 being modbus slave on COM2 increments SI 275?
  2. Hi, have you got it working? Trying to excess1 from local and 2nd from internet with V570 and seems only 1 working
  3. From help: About Communications Ethernet is not supported by M90, M91, or standard Jazz controllers.
  4. Hi, Can JZ20 USB and JZ-PRG work at same time? something like debugging and SMS at same time which was impossible earlier
  5. Hi, any ubersecret bit in to make PLC output comma? especially for CSV function actually i want TSV with comma for decimal sign...
  6. if only it would be implemented in firmware, it would be very usefull, now just gimmick like integrated in visilogic http server
  7. Hi, $subj, need to campare diff revisions of projects, because there are no integretad tools for that, saving STL as txt file and comparing with usual diff tools would be option. at the moment STL only for viewing its impossbil even select like text.
  8. Hello, on power up cycle do all nets get executed or only the ones with sb2?
  9. well its doable, off course documentation should be more clear that before each 32 bit operation there is need to set sb 82 and IMHO that part of reseting it for store operation is illogical or at least it should have some other sb.
  10. Thanks for info, well after some thoughts I dont need linearization could do with simple division.
  11. Hi, $subj, how HSC will treat 32 mode will it use 2 MI's or just 1? linearization, I guess I'll have to do it "manually"?
  12. Hi, quick search in forum and help couldn't find any info of UTC/daylight saving support in Jazz. Any official or from experience info?
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